Friday, February 27, 2009

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Today at 8:29am
Something I feel people fail to think about is what is going to happen once the money drys up. Lets take for example someone who is in a house they can't afford. Lets say they get some help to get caught up on their mortgage. A couple months down the road what happens when they still can't afford the house they are in? When helping these people why should we stereotype all of the people needing help as people that really are in need. Granted some are in need at no fault of their own and that is fine. But what about the people that have the cable tv, internet, a gym membership, go out to eat everynight, drive the nice car, use drugs, spend $300-500 per month on credit card debit from buying material things.......the list goes on and on. I don't like paying my house payment and i would rather not but I do and I give up a lot to do so.
I received an email that had a good point the other day. A lot of people have to take and pass drug test before they can work and pay taxes on the money they earn. Why shouldn't a person have to take a drug test to take that tax money in the form of welfare? My point being we should have some sort of litmus test for these people that are getting bailed out. I understand that people can live how they want but when you start to became someone else's responsibility then you should have to play by their rules.
Something else I feel people are not thinking about. What happened when the price of gas went up? Did the price of goods and services not go up too? Why is that you ask, because they cost of doing business for those companies went up so they passed it on to the consumer. Thats how it works. So when it comes time to pay for all these new programs and we start taxing all the "big evil corporations" whats that going to do to their cost of doing business? Its going to go up and what do you think they will do? Raise their prices. Corporations don't pay taxes. You pay the tax for them.
Throwing money at a situation instead of fixing the problem doesnt really help anyone. Look at the child growing up that had everything they ever wanted and was never taught personal responsibility. They are pretty much worthless now aren't they? Why because they had money thrown at them all their life instead of actually getting some parenting. Money is good for the short term but doesnt fix the problem. This is why there are people out there making a million dollars a year but they are spending 1.5 million per year and are in trouble now, because they have no personal responsibililty. Its called living within your means and there is not a lot of it going on in this country right now. Its easy to tell when the news does a story about "people are starting to save money now" haha wow what a concept. This is why people like Dave Ramsey make a killing selling common sense. I think in order to buy a house you should have to listen to him as a part of the process. I think a lot of things but all I can do is take care of my family and post my thoughts on here for you to read.
Anyways people are too caught up on the left vs right stuff when most of their problems lay in their own laps. Politicians are all the same for the most part. They talk a good game but once they are in they do what they want. Notice they all voted themselves a raise this year. Did you get one? So stop waiting for them to do something and do something for yourself.
If you are an angry person that is going to comment on here about "the last 8 years" or "Pelosi kicked your dog" or "Clinton hit on your wife" or "Bush killed your house plants" save it. Stop pointing fingers actually have a point or a realistic idea of your own. Also if you are going to regurgetate a newpaper headline or internet story at me and call that your agurment I promise I will throw many virtual facebook sheep at you.
I am all about helping people who really need it but giving money to everyone and assuming they can't help it hurts us all in the long run. Its amazing how history repeats itself. Also if you read this and think that I am suggesting we do nothing instead duck because you will be getting sheep coming your way as well.


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