Monday, January 12, 2009

Meet My Cousins!

Last Friday my cousins came up from Oklahoma and spent the night with us. Lisa has 3 beautiful children, Beth has 1 and Cara is preggo and due in 1 month. Let me tell you these ladies are absolute the most beautiful people you will ever meet! Lisa & Beth had never met the triplets and as we hung out in our zoo, they fit right in loving them all evening long! We enjoyed Cara's baby shower the next day (forgot to take pics) but LOVED having them up. Can't wait to have them up this Spring!


Baby Boy Stallings said...

You are too sweet...we had so much fun visiting too! We will for sure be up in the spring. Oh and by the way, Carter looks beautiful in a dress, love it!

Baby Boy Stallings said...

so weird...i think because i set up a blog spot website for baby Talen and sis that whenever i post a comment it comes up as "baby boy stallings" any event this is cara and we will for sure be up to see you in the spring with our baby boy! love you guys!