Monday, September 29, 2008

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Chiefs!

Yesterday I wnet to the game with a couple girlfiends (and jimbo)! Chris had his annual Hackers & Slackers golf tourney so we headed out to the stadium. We played Denver which is always a great game - turnovers and you never know how it will end. We swore we were leaving at Half time because we knew it would be an awful game, but then, we were winning and we were sucked in again to the bitter end................PS - don't make fun of my Neil Smith jersey. It is only 15 years old and I refuse to get rid of it. Reminds me of when we could play.........back in the day. hehe

Happy Ealry Birthday our little Man!!!!!

Last year we started celebrating Collin's birthday in September so he doesn't have to share his day with the trio in November. it is also lets him has a pool party with all of his friends. We enjoyed 17 kiddos in the back yard for a great day! Look at all that LOOT!

Friday Night - Shawnee BBQ

We enjoyed Friday night at the BBQ in Shawnee. Beautiful weather, great food, ribs, chips & salsa, EYEBALL necklace candy, a Carter meltdown or two and great company. Collin and Jack played and had a sleepover and the trio were troopers getting to bed at 10:00! It was a big night!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My handsome Kindergartner!

My handsome kindergartner!!!! Can you believe he is turning 6 in November??? We have having his early birthday party saturday (so he can have a pool party), last time before pool closes!
He is doing great in school and loving his K enrichment in the afternoons. His site word recognition is doing fantastic, almost scary --- his will be READING on his own soon! What is next, "mom, can I borrow the car"????
The trio went to day care yesterday for the first time and LOVED it! Full time begins on Monday!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

For Sale...................

i have 2 butterflies, 1 penguin and a pirate for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kidding, yesterday i bought the kiddos halloween costumes (and glow in the dark jammies) and they loved them! However, they tossed a good fit when I made them take them off for bedtime. I was looking for a bee, but the penguin was too stinking cute!


Happy Anniversary to a great husband, my best friend and an even more amazing father.
Happy 9 years!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Our cuties ready for the circus, that we didn't get to go to and guess what??? No refuneds, no exceptions. N.I.C.E considering they were $47.00 each.

Home Opener,,,,,,,,,,

Go Chiefs! We are off to a whopping good start. I was almost a converted Raider fan before the painful day was over. Folks, its gonna be a long season, anyone want a few tix?????

More Tornado PIcs

This used to be a chair, now we have 1 leg