Monday, August 25, 2008

Few random shots after bath tonight

playtime before bed tonight.................

The Cleaning of the wound!

Tonight after bath we unwrapped Cami's injury and let it "air" out for a bit. Neosporin'd it, gaused it, brown tapped it, white tapped it, splintted it and wrapped it up just like the doc and played hard before bed. It still makes me tear thinking about it, but unless we are messing with it, she wouldn't let you know she has it.

Ms. Tina!

Thank you so much for the sippy cups & silverware! we are already using them! Sorry, I missed you OODLES!


I have offically lost my mom of the year nomination................. Oh, my poor Cami.

Yesterday we woke up and started our every Sunday. breakfast, toy clean up, laundry, baths, playtime on the deck and just shy of 11:00 big brother ran out the front door (which doesn't automatically latch) so instinctively, i closed out to keep my trio inside while i got lunch ready and I knew the second I did it.....................Mommy caught her left pinkie finger in the door. I am in tears still thinking about it. I immediatly opened the door, yelled for chris and they loaded up and headed to Childrens mercy. She is the sporting a stylish fractured pinkie (which will heal), 5 stitches (comes out 1 week from today) and a splint that she is NOT happy with. Chris and Cami got home around 4:00 yesterday and she went down about 7:00 and slept til 7:00 this morning (thus the pretty hair). Doc said full recovery for her, but not sure of mommy. Oh, my sweet baby, mommy is SOOOOO sorry!!!!!!

This morning she struggled to drink her sippy cup of milk so i got her one with handles and before I left she was playing like a trooper with her brother and sister.

60 years??? Happy Anniversary Uncle Bill & Aunt Margaret

Saturday night we went to Lawrence and enjoyed the celebration of Uncle & Bill & Aunt Margaret's 60th Wedding Anniversay party! WOW, 60 years, 4 kids and an entire room of people they know and love! We took our crew too and they loved dancing with GMA and having their cheeks squeezed by every person in the place! They did great for not having any other kids to play with except for their cousin.

Congratulations Uncle Bill and Aunt Margaret, what an amazing milestone and true testament to love, hard work and sticking together through the good times and bad. We love you both!

Paola Roots Festival

collin enjoyed a sleepover Friday night and historically Chris has always done the Roots Festival BBQ contest. However, this year we actually got to enjoy taking the babies and enjoying some gma, mawmaw & pawpaw time. Thank goodness, cause 3 babies needing horse rides, ducks & balloons adds up! Whew, god bless grandparents! We enjoyed some great live music, missed GPA (he is feeling under the weather), loved our new stuff and was tuckered out by 9:00 as we headed home! Check out Santa handing out the balloons. For 100 bucks he will dress up and deliver your toys Christmas morning! That may be a MUST HAVE!

My stylish trio.

So........who's who??

Kindergarten in review

Collin loves school. Not sure that we thought differently, but he did great and it was encouraging to recieve a couple of great emails from his teacher! day - 1 - feel of monkey bars, day - 2 - teaching inquiring about his "perfectonist" skills - day 3 - exhausted.

The trio watched & waved every morning him getting on the bus and getting off the bus. Carter & Cami were terrific cheerleaders, clapping away as he boarded!

Friday night he enjoyed a sleep over at his buddy Jack's house which was well deserved!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Wordless Wednesday

Much to our joy, my heart hurts. This little man starts his first day of his next chapter. In 5 minutes, I think Chris and I rambled everything we have taught him in 5 years in 5 minutes. Please and Thank you, Good Choices, Make friends, Be Kind, Wash Hands, Eat all of your lunch, Listen, Raise your hand, inside voice, don't interrupt, ummmmm, for wordless wednesday, we had a lot to say. Finally Collin assured us both that he "knew" and to stop taking pictures. I was blessed enough to get a kiss as he boarded the bus. Our little man.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jon Reep, Last Comic standing....

Saturday night, 14 of our best pals (10 for dinner) loaded up and headed to Stix and then on to Stanfords and enjoyed an evening full of giggles from Jon Reep - the winner of Last comic standing. Next time he comes through, i highly recommend seeing him! We also enjoyed (when we could understand her -- no teeth) the 76 year old grannie that was Super RAUNCHY!!!!