Friday, May 30, 2008

Work in Progress

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend of fun!

We topped off our weekend with a Memorial Day BBQ! Good Friends, Great Food and some much needed relax time!
PS - Chris, compliments of my Dad, has mastered the very best Hot Chicken Wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finger Lickin' good!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Enid or Bust!

We packed up and headed to my Dads in Enid Oklahoma for a long weekend! It was our first trip there since we had the trio. I couldn't get over the mental hurdle of 5 hours in the car (each direction), . After playing every possible scenerio over and over in my head, trying to figure out the best possible, most painless way to get us there, we just WUNG it. yes, wung it. . ... . . ,,,,,,,,,. 0nly secret, french fries, colors, color book, french fries, movies, french fries, flash cards, french fries and once again, our kids shocked us and did amazing. we stopped in Wichita and let them walk around for about 20 minutes, get dry pants and renew mommies & daddies nerves. They really did terrifice. We had a ball playing in the pool, taking walks, eating corn on the cobb (Collin told his Papa that he makes the very best Corn on the Cobb EVER!).

Why do we need the pool when we have a wash tub of water??

Carter very upset and showing his new fancy head banging....yes, that is concrete. OUCH.


Few random pictures!

Cami trying to put her daddies shoes on!

Cami in Pink, Cora in Orange....future in Music??

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

cora feeds herself pudding.....

The good news is, she used a spoon. . . . .

18th Month Check-ups

In 7 days, our babies will be 18 months old! Where has the time gone??

Carter Lee-
  • Height 30" (3% below chart)
  • Weight 20.12 lb (3% below chart)
  • Head Circumfrence 46.5 (50%)
Cameron Ray -
  • Height 30.5" - my tallest (25%)
  • Weight 20.8 lbs - my skinniest (8%)
    Head Circumfrence - 46.5 (55%)
Cora Sue -

  • Height 30% (10%)
    Weight 21 pounds (8%)
    Head Circumfrence 48.5 (90%)

Everyone did great. Doc is pleased. I will post what / how each are doing in a couple of days. Each received 2 shots and are officially done with shots until they turn 5 years old.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pooltime yesterday!

The kids enjoyed their water table much more than the pool. None of them were really happy this year in the water.
Look that that cool dude!
Collin blowing some big bubbles!