Tuesday, February 26, 2008

walking ever? springtime soon?

Is anyone else tired of this weather? Seriously, me, the kiddos and even the dog is having some serious cabin fever. I am ready to plant my garden! Landscape my yard! Watch my hubby finish the deck stairs! ENOUGH with the Snow already!

ranting over.

Happy 15 month birthday!!! We are all doing well, getting over some sniffles and coughs. Same ole, same ole. The trio has started running behind all of their push toys. I was a little premature in announcing Cora walking. She has taken the most steps, but refuses to walk anywhere these days. Cami & Carter too have taken a few steps but no signs of wanting to let go of those walking toys!

any recommendations?

Believe me, I am in no hurry to rush, but it will be quite embarrassing carrying them into kindergarden.

Off to Chi town.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hereford House for Dinner!

Did you know there is a Hereford House at 435 and Midland drive???? We took the kiddos, Nana & Papa and Gma & Gpa out for dinner. We got our very own personal private room. Probably so they could close the door and not hear our romper room activities! Seriously, the kids did great. They enjoyed snacking on lemons and Collin loved some one-on one time with Nana coloring! Good Food! Great Family! Good times!

Look at our new SHOES!!!!!

kiddos disappear ................

yup - they are in the dog bed. having a blast. It was too funny!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


The kiddo's favorite Aunt sent them a belated Valentine! Apparently there is a rush at the flower stores on the actual day but Aunt Sig sent them anyway! LOOK WHAT WE GOT TODAY!!!! Collin was napping (wish the trio was doing the same......but it was great entertainment........................)

A few Fun Family weekend Pictures

This weekend we enjoyed Nana & Papa and Great Grandma Kester for the weekend! Dad was sick over Christmas so we finally got together to enjoy our last Christmas celebration and to enjoy a great weekend of love.

Collin enjoying his new remote control car that flips over and drives over everything!

Great Grandma nad the girls brushing their teeth

4 Generations. My Grandma, Dad, Me & my kiddos! Sweet girls!

Papa and his trio!

Nana got some new candles!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Will YOU be my Valentine?

Sorry, the camera was dead, but we opened valentines day presents tonight - pics are pretty crummy.

GMA and I went shopping and got out a little today. GMA bought the trio all new jammies (that fit) and I bought Collin some spring clothes. Trio is set for Springtime - thankfully GMA bought last season and they are set! Geeeezz 4 kiddos is expensive. Dropped GMA off and then off to Target, Costco, Pier 1, Gas Station, Washed Car, Picked up Drycleaning, Pedicure (special mommy bonus for running all the damn errands) and realized I was out of room in the truck and couldn't pick up Collin. Did I mention that I had no room in the YUKON for my child? Thank god, GMA and GPA were coming out and they stopped and picked him up. Well..................... at least I didn't forget him!

We enjoyed GMA & GPA coming to dinner and for our celebration we had Ribeye and Baked Potato served up for dinner and YUM, bellies are full!

Kiddos all got new shoes from Taylors (w/ sqeekers) too cute! Collin is enjoying his glow in the dark basketball net & ball that hangs over the door in his bedroom!

Better Pics tomorrow with our new shoes on!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

and then.......there is.....MONSTER JAM!!!!!

What do you get when you take (2) 5 year olds to Monster Jam? Nothin' but good times!

After the show we went and had autographs signed!

Collin & Jack are great buddies!
This guy was the motorcycle guy that flipped 360! 3 TIMES!

If she can do it, so can I - I so want to be a monster truck driver when I grow up!

Before the show, we got tattoos and ate Jose Peppers!

NO Monster Jam if they didn't have full bellies ------ they were full!