Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sara, bless you.

A dear friend from Chris's childhood sent this to us today. I hope it touches/helps 1 person that has ever had to deal with such tradegy. For some reason, this poem, helped me. it touched me, it didn't make me less sad or less angry but gave me a piece of hope. a little bitty small piece of hope. i truely hope that my brother in law, my husbands brother, my childrens uncle has found peace, has found completeness, has found love & has found happiness.

It was never my intention

To cause undue strain,

To crush your lives

Or fill your hearts with pain.

I felt your love,I knew you cared,

I cherished the wonderful Moments we shared.

Please don’t let it be said

That my life was in vain,

just couldn’t see through the darkness

ecause of the blinding pain

Don’t question yourselves

Don’t ask, “what could I do?”

The choices I’ve made

Were not because of you

I am here now

And the peace is divine.

I feel complete freedom

For the very first time

It’s beautiful Just as I dreamed it would be

No pain, no fear For eternity

Remember that I love you,

Always have and always will.

Dry away your tears

Let your emotions be still

And at the end of the day

When you’ve cried all you can,

I’ll quietly sit beside you

And hold on to your hand.

You’ll feel that I am near

In the wind, the rain, the sun

And you’ll know my life’s not over,

It has really just begun.

Random thoughts from a helpless wife

I has always loved & admired my husband and his parents. But I have to tell you the the additional admiration, respect and new "aw" for such an amazing family. No family and no momma should ever have to endure this kind of loss.

We are all having a very difficult time, but each of us are finding strength in the little things. Mostly, pictures, memories and 4 sets of little eyes that glow with love. We have had to make the most difficult of decisions but mostly I have to say that yesterday, my family made the hardest of them all and I am so very proud of Chris & his mom & dad to be able to make such a selfless deicsion of organ donation. 50 people will benefit from this horrific event.

A few things I have learned over the last 36 hours - if you don't have a will - get one. If you have have a preference on how your service shoudl be - write it down. If you don't have organ donation marked on your license - mark it and most importantly, hug your children closely.

Services -

Friday 1:00 p.m. - Visitaion

Friday 2:00 p.m. - Service


Dinner at Leo & Sharon Stephens home

Please join us as we celebrate Steve's life.

Thank you

So many Thank you's for our terrible loss right not. Your prayers, your thoughts & your kind word are greatly appreciated!

For those thta don't know, we lost Chris's brother 2 nights ago. He chose to take his own life. No family should endure this. So many emotions, pain, grief, anger, love, frustration. Please keep my husband and his parents in your prayers. It is going to be a very painful road.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh the chaos!

I have been a terrible blogger this month!

pics tomorrow, i promise!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

WE have an Opportunity to help change the world....
not just an opportunity but an obligation.. Please do this and forward on to everyone you know who has small child in their life...a recent e-mail from the Horns..From the father of Charlie Horn (May 6, 2005 – November 1, 2007)Recently my 2 ½ year old son Charlie was killed in a tragic accident at home. As his father, I struggle with the fact that I could have prevented his death.A dresser merely 30” high fell on him and took his life. He was apparently climbing on the dresser like most inquisitive children will do. Had we secured this dresser to the wall, Charlie would still be with us today & his wonderful smile would still warm my heart.We are not alone, approximately 20 children die and an estimated 8,000 -10,000 are injured each year from furniture/TV tip over accidents. Most of these are children under 5 years old.My family’s pain is indescribable…however an opportunity now exists for Charlie’s story to help others.There is a bill which has been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce in the 1st session of the 110th Congress, and we need your help.The Bill: HR 4266 – The Katie Elise & Meghan Agness Bill - Formerly HR Bill 1861,it has been recently re-introduced as HR 4266 by Rep. Allyson Schwartz. This bill would require any furniture or electronic appliances in jeopardy of tipping bear a warning label alerting consumers to the potential dangers of unsecured furniture.In addition, this furniture would be required to come packaged with anchoring devices and simple installation instructions, so it can be safely secured to wall studs.To read the entire bill, please click here: am pleading for everyone who gets this e-mail forwarded to them to do two things:1) Sign the petition: will take 1 minute of your time and will greatly help. (This is the former bill # bu it still is the appropriate place to sign the petition)2) Contact your congressman, with an e-mail or phone call. Ask them to sign on as a Co-sponsor for HR bill 4266. If you don’t know who your congressman is or how to contact them just click here to find out: happen & I don’t expect legislation to completely solve this problem;but it will help, and I am confident that it will save lives of other children.If you have children or grandchildren – Please secure your furniture & TV’s to the wall. You can fix a hole in the wall…but you can’t fix a hole in your heart.-Trust meBrett HornP.S. I have debated sending this e-mail out for some time and just can’t wait any longer, as I heard of the fourth child who died from a TV or piece of furniture falling over in the past 2 months! PLEASE forward this e-mail to anyone who will help.Thank you to Stef ( for posting this on her blog...I encourage eveyone to do the same. Please help get the message out!! ~Kim

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


grandma passed yesterday. We are all very sad, but know she is in a much better place.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Teeth Update:
Carter - 8 - 4 front top/4 front bottom and swollen gums
Cora - 10 - 4 Front Top/4 front bottom and 2 top molars
Cameron - 11 - 4 Front Top/ 4 front bottom and 2 top molars & 1 bottom

No one walking yet but very very close.

The big news of the day, i trimmed Carters curls last night. shed a tear or two, but he doesn' t have a mullet hanging out in the back. I'll post pics soon.

Please say a prayer for Chris's family. Grandma is very sick and is suspected to pass this week. Please keep her and our family in your thoughts.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

All 4 Gettin Once

What has - 8 arms, 8 legs, 40 fingers & 40 toes and is slippery wet when naked?

Hint......It does live at the Stepehns ZOO, but may not any animal that you know of...............

Yup, their ours. All 4 of 'em


Our First Oreo's

Our Very First Oreo cookies. Made Quite a mess, but the loved 'em. Cora has become our monkey climber - climbs everthing! See her on the stop stool?


I have to brag for a moment. After getting the tree down, decorations put away, the toys distributed upstairs & down, sorted, organized and put away - I can see my floor....see it? see it? We also put away the pack & play that blocked the stairways for the last 13 months and put up the playyard. It worked out great! Ahhhh, it is a good day -- for the 1 hour it lasts. Again, see the floor?

Jaunary 6th --- 58 DEGREES

We had an absolute blast outside today. The sun was out! Light jacket and we were set for several walks in the Choo-Choo wagon and lots of playtime on the deck. The weather teased us all with a hint of springtime. Of course, we all know it is a couple months away.

My cuties

Carter is teething machine - still! My cuties.

Jose Peppers for Dinner

Nita and Cami enjoying some love! Carter Man.
Cami playing Peekaboo! Goof ball!
Cora looking at her boyfriends. Big flirt
A quick pic before we left for our outing
Collin playing peekaboo with the girls

A few more pictures at Jose Peppers!

Cami having her first sip of cherry sprite! pucker and sour face but quickly signed "more" repeatedly. That poor sweater...... Cora excited after making googley eyes behind her at the 3 teenager boys.

Cami loving her rice (our poor server had a major mess to clean up)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A New Years Resolution!

Another triplet mommy did this and i love it!

If you stop by, leave a comment once in a while! Where are you from? Do you know us? Do you have triplets? Do you read often? Occassionally? Do you have a blog? Leave your web address!

Personal new resolutions

  • lose this last 10 damn pounds
  • attend Church more often
  • be a better mommy & wife
  • work smarter - travel less - make more

Speaking of traveling less, Chicago Friday, Boston Monday/Tuesday, LA on Thursday/Friday.

BUT, I did go to the gym today. I am 1 for 4 and it is day 3 of the new year.


What are your New Year resolutions?

A new Years Party!

Jimbo & Jen (Katie too) The best shoes on the town! Mine are the cutie black & white stitching (black/white store)

They boys enjoysed some golf (it was pretty cool interactive)
Girl time while they golfed
a few party favors

Brent & Bobbi

Mikey & Jennifer
Nicole & Gary
Bobbi, Me & Jen. We have been BEST friends 11 years. YIKES, ladies, we are gettin old.

OK, please don't judge me.

I have been dying ot get my girls ears pierced and finally did it. here are a few pictures. The girls & I loaded up and headed to Town Center. The manager of Claires (mom of 5) did their ears and did a fabalous job! Cameron went first followed by Cora. Each cried a total of 15 seconds and when the sucker came out - all was right with the world again. I was worried that they would pull on each others ears or worse carter would think of them as a new toy. 5 days into it, i am happy to report that they are doing great, they don't bother them a bit!
I know a few don't agree, but one thing you have to agree on ----- aren't they sweet?
Here they are having the marker make the dot......... The tools.........
Our first suckers!!! Seriously, let me tell you - it was from eyebrow to shoe. They did so well, we headed to Black House White Market (my FAVORITE) and did some shopping!
Carter didn't get earrings but he is handsome too! Look at those cheeks!