Sunday, December 07, 2008

Our Annual Cookie Baking Day!

Our annual cookie baking day began at 9:00 a.m. this morning and we accomplished 17 different flavors that averaged 3-4 dozen each (you do the math), 32 Total Platters of GOODS. We had a blast. Cocktails, good friends, great food! Left to Right, Nicole, Jen, Kimbo, Kim, Janet & Theresa. Yes, we look smokin hot after 10 hours of you know how much sugar, eggs, flour & butter that is? enjoy the beautiful pictures below......................YUMMY!


Lianne said...

I totally just licked my computer screen.

I love the cornflake wreaths. I am going to go make some with my kids--or at least the one without the stomach virus right now!

Jennifer Mullinax said...

YUM....they all look delicious!! I'm hosting cookie day at my house next Saturday with my girlfriends...I hope we accomplish 1/2 of what you did!! Care to share your favorite receipe?

Amy said...

Look YUMMY !!
Please, give me one box of each kinds !! Oh..just kidding !!
I wanna help you bake !!
Hope next two year, Kim

Love Kids' pics!

Mizz U

MaryBeth said...

Those all look so great! I would love to start a tradition like that with all my girl friends... what do you all do with those dozens and dozens of cookies? Do you have a favorite? Yummy!!! thanks for the great idea.

Annie said...


Glomama said...

Where are you going to list the recipes????? The peanut butter with chocolate look a little like something I had decades ago called gold bars!!!!