Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This Thanksgiving was great! The kiddos got to sit at the table with us (and play some peek a boo), we had our families join us and although our table was set for a couple less this year, they are not forgotten. We love and miss you terribly Uncle Steve and Grandma.

We have soooo much to be thankful for this year. Our healthy beautiful children, Our amazing family, 2 jobs, a beautiful home and I am most grateful for the fact that we are able to sit around a beautiful table and hold hands as we pray and listen to my 6 year old say what he is thankful for.....and the first thing out of his little mouth is "i am thankful for my sisters, brother and my family". Serioulsy.......he is the best.

It is so easy to become caught up in our day to day worlds and forget during this stressful holiday season, how much we have and how many need our extra love and support. If you have a little, give a little. That is our goal this holiday season. Give, give, give.....and be thankful.

MawMaw and pawpa gave the trio an early birthday present......3 shopping carts and they LOVE THEM! The girls enjoyed helping mom make homemade rolls --- boy they are such big helpers! LOL


Annie said...

Awww! My girls got the same shopping carts for their birthday! They LOVE them!

Nice spread, btw!!!

Nita said...

Your family always warm.
Hope you had a good thanksgiving.