Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dinner w/ the Conrads

We enjoyed a very nice evening at the Conrads. They invited the ENTIRE crew to dinner so we loaded up and headed over to their brand new GORGEOUS Home. We had brats on the grill and the kids LOVED all of the new toys and places to climb. Coras favorite was teh baby doll stroller. Unfortunately, she didn't want to be pushed in and she didn't want to push anyone else in it - all she wanted was to be the sole player with the stroller. We always have a house full on the weekends and it was such a nice treat to go to someone elses home and we enjoyed it tons! We got jammies on and enjoyed popicles after full bellies.....
Cami was most facinated with Addie and the Dog bed/couch.

Look at these cuties on the front porch.
see, not happy

Carter exploring away
Cami getting love from their dog snickers
Lots of new space to explore
trying to watch a movie but just way to much action. Yes, that is the dog toy in Cami's mouth. N-I-C-E! Thanks again guys for having us! We enjoyed it greatly!


Anonymous said...

whew.. that stair pic makes me cringe!! :-0 looks like you all had a great time... cept for the stroller time...LOL

The lurking sis's aunt in CA

Anonymous said...

hi guys!

You are so cute, girls&boys!

Miss u all

AMY (",)

Laney said...

I just love seeing the latest pics of your cuties :)

Annie said...

Too cute!!!