Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brett Michaels - YUMMY

Ok, so it is a very long story, but 6 of us headed to Poison last night and had a GREAT TIME! Skid Row and Dokkin opened for them and then there he was.....Brett Michaels. He may be old, but he can still put on one heck of a concert! It is an absolute do again!

We ended up 3rd row after some "negiotating" our way up there.
CC rocked the guitar all night!
Brett toasting the crowd with Corona. He has been coming to KC for 22 years!
During his final song, confetti fell heavily

These were our original seats
Shaunda and Angie - ROCK on!
Dude with a great wig!
He may not be Brett, but he was a cutie!

We loaded up in a limo and headed out!
There were jello shots...
We made a stop at the Power & Light District before the concert
Making our way there slowly...........


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Jennifer Mullinax said...

Ha ha...I was there last night was a great concert...even for a country gal like me!! :) Wish I would have seen you...and got to sit in the 3rd row with ya!! :) ~Jen