Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Is anyone still reading?

Am I boring everyone?

I haven't had a comment in weeks.....DELURK and say hello!

I love knowing who is stopping by. Anything amusing? Anything of interest? I am officially going on Blog Strike until I see 10 comments and I have some VERY cute pictures to post!!!


Sarah said...

Of course we're still reading...we're just jerks and don't respond! :) The much fun! 1/3 in a big kid're crazy! cute! See....I'm reading....just not blogging! Keep posting pictures of your cuties.....I can't believe how big they are getting.....I still remember them in your tummy as you got U/S! :) Time Flys!

Emily said...

I don't think I've ever commented but I've read for a while now. Your kiddos are absolutely adorable!

Laney said...

I'm loving the pigtails! Do they keep them in? Julia always takes hers out...

Anonymous said...

Hello Hello Hello... :) :) come here all the time... just don't say howdy!! how come your sis never posts a howdy?? I will have to get on her! :-P please don't go on strike.. I love seeing the kiddos!! I'm still crackin up at the WWF...(or is it WWE?)video.. heeheeeeee

Those Golden City kids OTHER aunt way out in CA.. :)

Anonymous said...

okay already! i think that these kiddos are by far the sweetest since my very own! it is in writing okay? don't go on strike okay? it is the only way i keep up of us should stop being so busy...i love the pigtails..reminds me of us huh? can't believe you guys are moving into big kid beds! you were just born and were these little bitty things laying on your momma and aunt sig was soooo scarred to even pick you up! and n ow look at you!
i love all 4 of you! collin, you are by far still aunt sigs fav. 5 yr old okay? and just who is your fav. aunt???

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim!
I love to see my lovely KIDS!
PLEASE...don't stop post pictures!
AMY (",)

Anonymous said...

OK, all ready......Love the pigtails. I can't believe they sat still to do them. What can I say.....beautiful kids, wonderful family. Collin, you're my man! How was hockey last night? See everyone soon.

g'ma and g'pa

thirtylittletoes said...

Hey, it is the Weieneth clan...we are here too! We will see you guys in a few weeks, I hope you are ready for us we come and leave like a tornado! The kids are getting so big, I cant wait to see them. The girls are so cute in piggies and I am sure like mine, they love eing outside. Tell Collin that his girlfriend is coming soon.... kisses to all and tell Chris, that pool has to be 95 degrees, before mrs. Tiffany gets in!

Love Tiffany, Kurt, Penn, Elle & Kate

MaryBeth said...

Hi Kim,
I am a terrible commenter, but a faithful reader. Those are some cute pig tails on the girls btw. How is the big bed experiment coming?

Melissa Mullinax said...

Hey girl...I check in on ya every now and again. The pigtails are really cute!!


Anonymous said...

Well here is something interesting for you. I had a meeting with Jarreds speech teach for next year, and she asked him what his goal for the future was..... He wants a big truck and a trailer that can haul his 4 wheeler and dirt bike!!! Thats one heck of a future expecially when he doesnt have any of the three. So you've had multiple comments, and some funny stories. Now its your turn to reblog.