Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tonight's Plan

The master sleep plan. Carter has his dresser back, the girls are at least in a pack in play (each).

Ladies thank you so much for your ideas! Crib Tent would have been handy last night, had a I had an extra set of hands. Whew... Lesson #1 - the girls can not be NON confined. They poke each others ears, eyes, giggle and tackle each other. Carter, looks on and melts down.

Goal this week - Carter is moving his crib to Collin's bedroom. He and Collin are going to be roomies soon enough and no time like the present.

Girls............ummmm........still working on it. cribs are down. I have their beds, little paint on the wall, gate on the door, and well...maybe i will take the leap.

Collin was 18 months when we booted him from the crib and he did well. Rough couple weeks or so, but, we survivied.....I change my mind every other hour - so stay tuned


Laney said...

Wow, I would SO do the crib tents! Mine will be in cribs till they're 10. :)
I'm anxious to hear how Carter does being separated from the girls. I think about separating Sam from the girls sometimes. Maybe you can tell us all about it at the next TRIPLET MOM DINNER!!! *hint hint*