Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Girls

I would love to post a picture of today's tale, but my hubby and Collin have the camera. They are away on their very first Boys Turkey Hunting Weekend together. Daddy goes annually, but it is Collin's first. They are having a blast and I can't wait to post pictures when they get home tomorrow! The house is too quiet........well, wait, never mind.................

So...........while the boys are away...........The girls have climbed out of their cribs 3 times today. sigh. I thought at nap time it was a fluke when i found them trying to trade cribs. Night Night time, I put them in their crib and 10 minutes later found them on the floor playing. PLAYING, did I mention i put them in their bed for bedtime, not on the floor to play. I thought again, it was a fluke. Put them back in their proper places and cracked the door so i could watch. They both have long enough legs to hike their leg over and pull themseves over and shimmy down the crib rungs.

No, they aren't 17 months old, yes it is on the lowest mattress setting and now, I am in hell.

Removed 2 cribs, put 2 mattresses on the floor, removed the dresser - stripped the room, and the girls are playing, Carter is pissed. My son's OCD is kicking in. He is not happy with the changes in his room. . . and now, I am waiting patiently to see if they actually pass out. They will pass out, won't they????

Pray for me, my 6:30 bed time routine with the kiddo's, just got bucked!


Sarah said...

KIM! Crib tents....they will save your life! I don't have kids, but with friends that have climbers they have saved their sanity! As an RN...I approve these things as well! You have to draw the line somewhere and for you it would be straight to Babies-R-Us tomorrow to get 2 Crib Tents! May the FORCE be with you....I hope they are passed out now....hopefully you are too!

Jessica said...

I second the crib tents!!! I have 2 year old BBG triplets and only 1 of my boys climbs out. I bought the tent for him and it has provided many sleepful nights for him and Mommy and Daddy! The other 2 have no desire to climb out. Hope to have them in beds soon...oh wait, maybe not too soon.
I know some have their kids in big kid beds early on. I'm just not ready for that yet, and they like their cribs, so why fix it if it isn't broken.
Good Luck!! Beautiful kiddos!!

Mom of 3 Cute Babies said...

2 words for you....CRIB TENTS!!! they are great and my triplets dont mind them at all. In fact at this website you cant buy 2 and get one free when you have triplets.