Tuesday, April 15, 2008


videoThis is supposed to be a picture. Instead, it is mommy walking intending to take a picture but really taking a video. The end result is the same. Collin at his school. Meet the newest KinderHawk. I am a Kinderhawk mommy.

Here is our baby. Our precious amazing miracle. This child was my first successful pregnancy, he was our MIRACLE. He was desperately wanted, he was prayed for, he was wished for, prayed for some more and here he is. God is Great - questionable at times but when you see this amazing child you have to praise Him. I am quickly reminded of my faith that is certainly strained right now. Although to most, this is a very small feat in many, but for me, it is bitter sweet. My man is going to kindergarden August 20th. Tonight was what the call Kindergarden roundup. He was excited beyond belief from the moment he woke up this morning. He walked in and he was elated, he belonged there! Mommy and Daddy spent 2 hours filling out paperwork and struggling with before care, after care and what the hell is Kindergarden Enrichment...................... while he got to tour his school, see the library, see where his locker will be and enjoy 100 other kindergarders! The great news is, his class will only have 15 in it. I am very pleased with that, we are rated a wonderful district ranked very well in Kansas and it certainly showed tonight!

Gma/Gpa...when are you moving back full time? ummmm, our life just got even more complicated..........ummmm, our hands just got even MORE full. :-)