Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All 4 kiddos went to school today!

Part of Nita's College Class is to conduct a class and teach of her Country. She chose to conduct her class at Collin's school. He made wonderful introductions to everyone. Nita put together an hour instruction that included coloring the Thailand flag, matching letters & numbers (thai) and finally listening to animal sounds and naming them. A duck in Thailand does NOT sound like a duck in the USA. She did a fablous job and the kids enjoyed her. She handed out treats to all for their great "attention" to detail. As you can see the trio enjoyed their outing as well. Way to go Nita.

Monday, April 28, 2008


videoSo, my little man that showed little interest in walking or standing took off today. Not once, not twice, ALL DAY LONG. Folks we have THE official walker in the family. Cora is coming on as a close 2nd...Cami??? what's up?

T minus 2 days til the Derby!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Day at the Farm at MawMaw and Papa's!

A few cousins, Ice cream cones, Cheeto's and no naps.............good times!

look at these sisters!!!

Carter found a price at Mawmaw's. A special lantern.
My best bud went with me since Chris had to work. She has never seen a rooster or gathered eggs!

This is my cutie nephew, Cooper

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday is HOCKEY Night!

Look at what we did tonight...Hockey.....Look at those babies admire thier big brother!!!! He would skate over and they would giggle out loud!!!! Look at that form, skate Collin skate!!!

Look at those cool kids

The Kids are living outside. Morning, Noon and after nap - they LOVE their playtime on the deck. We open the kitchen door and out they go!!!

Soccer Monday Night

Spring is finally here, Soccer is Monday nights and we dragged everyone there. Look at those cheerleaders! Carter is enjoying his Dora cookies - taking one bite and returning the other 1/2 of the cookie to the bag. He is such a a sharer

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tonight's Plan

The master sleep plan. Carter has his dresser back, the girls are at least in a pack in play (each).

Ladies thank you so much for your ideas! Crib Tent would have been handy last night, had a I had an extra set of hands. Whew... Lesson #1 - the girls can not be NON confined. They poke each others ears, eyes, giggle and tackle each other. Carter, looks on and melts down.

Goal this week - Carter is moving his crib to Collin's bedroom. He and Collin are going to be roomies soon enough and no time like the present.

Girls............ummmm........still working on it. cribs are down. I have their beds, little paint on the wall, gate on the door, and well...maybe i will take the leap.

Collin was 18 months when we booted him from the crib and he did well. Rough couple weeks or so, but, we survivied.....I change my mind every other hour - so stay tuned

My little Turkey Hunter

Collin's first Turkey hunting trip to the farm! A little bike riding, football throwing, mountain climbing dad time in the new "tent". Saw many gobblers, but ummmm, quiet voice was a little difficult for a first timer in the field! Great memories!

Landscaping Plans!!

Making a few tweeks....tell me your opinions! Dumping anything with thorns. reworking the side yard and front yard.....but all in all, getting there. Post your comments - good and bad, I want some feedback. Do you have something? do you like it? do you hate it? Tell me! Tell me! tell me!

A few weekend pictures

Grass cutting, garden planting, herb planting and ummmmm.............did I mention momma didn't sleep last night?