Sunday, March 02, 2008

Our Favorite Dinner.....

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup w/ homemade noodles like grandma's house. This is by far the kids favorite dinner. Cameron led the most helpings at 4 FOUR helpings of chicken noodle soup, followed closely with Cora at 3 and Carter at 2!!!

We switched the kiddos last week to the table and removed their trays. They are getting so big, so fast!!


ALawrence said...

Kim do you know how I can access hairbows4kids? I cannot look at her blog because she has not invited me, but I've purchased bows from her before and I need more.... I work with Linsey in Pittsburg. Help, we need more bows!

The Stephens said...

I'd love to help, but she closed her business! She had some "personal" issues and sold out of her stock. I stocked up before she closed, i know - total bummer!!!!

PLEASE, let me know if you find anyone that makes bows like hers. They are awesome and they hold up awesome!!!! Give Linsey a hug!

Laney said...

I wanted to access her site too and was sad that she had closed. I hear that there are good:
But I haven't tried them yet.

Anonymous said...

I have a contact that sells these bows - her sister and Erica were in school together from age 3. I'll e-mail and get the address for the bows, and e-mail it to you.

Aunt Judy in North Carolina