Monday, March 03, 2008

Homemade Egg Noodles

Egg Noodles
6 Eggs
3 Cups of Flour
Dash of Salt

Knead together -let stand for 30 minutes. Divide in 4 equal sections, rollout and cut in strips. Thicker the noodle - more dumpling style. (you can freeze them at this point) or let dry all afternoon laying on a flour counter OR drop into a rolling boil chicken broth. 30 seconds, pull them out and add to your chicken noodle soup.

Chicken Noode Soup
Boil Chicken breasts and cut chicken into bite size pieces
Use broth in the crock pot (add an extra couple cups of wather
1 Package of Bear Creak Chicken Noodle Soup Dry mix (this is an amazing flavor)
2 Chicken broth bullion cubes and the broth from your chicken
1 can of peas
1 bag of carrots chopped & tossed in
3 stalks of celery chopped (make it small or 5 year olds won't touch it w/ out peanut butter)
all the noodles you want (you can use egg noodles too)
salt / pepper to taste and a little parsley for color

simmer all afternoon.
This makes qt of soup
freeze 1/2 in serving size - awsome lunches and quick dinners for the kiddos.
making noodles is a pain - I double the recipe and freeze the noodles so i don't have the mess everytime i want to have them. EnjoY!


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