Monday, March 31, 2008

WWF wrestling called and they want Cora back!

videoOur bulldozer, Cora, once again, takes charge but Cami puts up a good fight. Carter looks on as an innocent bystander.

The kids have started enjoying a few minutes together in Cora's crib before bed each night! This is what occurs every night. Generally, it involves the girls playing/fighting/giggling and Collin & Carter enjoying the entertainment and encouraging.

There is ear pulling, hair tugging, hug giving and thankfully, so far --- no biting.


MOM!!!!!!!!! Where is my Ride-On Toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My kids are desperate. After removing all ride-on toys until we start walking ---- they improvised. They rode on dumptrucks, front loaders & even Carter is on a cement mixer. Now that is creative!!!!

Meet America's Finest!

Welcome Home Brent & Chrissy! Chris's roommate from College is back from Iraq and his wife back from Bosnia! They hosted a celebration Saturday in Leavenworth and we enjoyed an evening of great fun with many of our finest! Thank you to each of you for your commitment to our freedom! Collin even wrote a letter to to both of them! Good Times!

New Garbage Disposal

It was a very busy weekend! Thankfully GPA had good help replacing the Garbage Disposal!

Mom, is there a prince in there???

I was tilling the garden this weekend getting ready to plant it and YOU KNOW it isn't spring time yet when the frogs are still buried 6" in the ground! He was still sleeping! Winnie wasn't the only one curious! Cami was facinated with her new freind and leaned over to kiss her prince! I guess he isn't the one! Maybe next time!

Outside snacking!

We spent tons of time outside this weekend ! The rain held out long enough for us to enjoy some much needed outside time!


Halie warming up! Collin & I went to Halie's State Championship meet! It was here in town so we were fortunate to go see her! She is incredible in all 4 events! Guess who took GOLD! WAY TO GO HALIE! We are very proud of you!!!

Just an ordinary day!

Chris dressed the kiddos today, what looks like a regular outfit........isn't. Those pants, are really shorts and they aren't Carters, they are Collin's. hehe....oops! Chris wondered why he needed to cinch them up so tight......uuummmm........i wonder!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Its ALMOST springtime!!!

We started Soccer last week and all headed to practice tonight to watch. The kiddos enjoyed cheering their CUULLLIINNNN on! The love their big brohter!

Also, all kiddos are working hard on walking! 2-3 steps are being strung together. Well.............mommy had a brainstorm...take away all ride away and push toys! Although very pissed about the lack of plastic on the floor - everyone taking 5-6 steps!
Its a good thing.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gathering a few eggs.....

We gathered eggs, we ate pie, we napped and we played har.d

Cousin Walker!

Our cutie 2nd cousin Walker joined us and enjoyed some fun coloring and his very own basket too! COLOR WONDERS ROCK! Even the trio love a little scribbling these days! Thank you Uncle Carl/ Aunt Judy/ Cousin Phil & Jenny for joining our dinner today. It made our dinner a little more fulfilling! WE love you!

Our baskets!

If only, i had known that Carter would have been content with the 96 cent bag of grass. He EMPTIED EVERY BASKET!

YES, The Easter Bunny found our house!

Happy Easter!

We hosted Easter dinner as usual today.

Unfortunately, it was one of the "firsts" of our crappy year to forge through. We were two light at the table and it was very sad. Great Grandma and Uncle Steve, the table was incomplete, our home held a little less love, and you will always be missed and loved. Please know, that Collin prayed his happy thoughts last night and they included each of you. WE all included each of you as we will every year. . .

Please pray for my family. It is a very difficult time.

On a happier note, my cuties in their Easter outfits. Still note feeling 100%, but they were troopers

Yes, we are alive

I returned Friday from my Annual Full Week in Chicago while Chris battled 4 sick kids with 103 degree fevers and ZERO SLEEP. The fun spilled over til today which everyone is finally beginning to recover. Ear infections, High Fevers, Rosella (spelling) rashes, you get the picture. And when we say zero sleep, you get it, zero sleep.

I am praying for a few hours tonight.

Happy Easter!

We colored Eggs Last night

We hosted our annual Easter Coloring event at the house last night. We had the breningers & Meyers over for our fun! The kids colored 8 dozen eggs and divided them between themselves. They enjoyed coloring in the garage (less clean up) and we enjoyed watching KU WIN AGAIN!!!! ROCK on KU! Yummy Easter cup cakes (Price Chopper Specials) followed Happy Dinner plates.