Thursday, February 14, 2008

Will YOU be my Valentine?

Sorry, the camera was dead, but we opened valentines day presents tonight - pics are pretty crummy.

GMA and I went shopping and got out a little today. GMA bought the trio all new jammies (that fit) and I bought Collin some spring clothes. Trio is set for Springtime - thankfully GMA bought last season and they are set! Geeeezz 4 kiddos is expensive. Dropped GMA off and then off to Target, Costco, Pier 1, Gas Station, Washed Car, Picked up Drycleaning, Pedicure (special mommy bonus for running all the damn errands) and realized I was out of room in the truck and couldn't pick up Collin. Did I mention that I had no room in the YUKON for my child? Thank god, GMA and GPA were coming out and they stopped and picked him up. Well..................... at least I didn't forget him!

We enjoyed GMA & GPA coming to dinner and for our celebration we had Ribeye and Baked Potato served up for dinner and YUM, bellies are full!

Kiddos all got new shoes from Taylors (w/ sqeekers) too cute! Collin is enjoying his glow in the dark basketball net & ball that hangs over the door in his bedroom!

Better Pics tomorrow with our new shoes on!