Tuesday, February 26, 2008

walking ever? springtime soon?

Is anyone else tired of this weather? Seriously, me, the kiddos and even the dog is having some serious cabin fever. I am ready to plant my garden! Landscape my yard! Watch my hubby finish the deck stairs! ENOUGH with the Snow already!

ranting over.

Happy 15 month birthday!!! We are all doing well, getting over some sniffles and coughs. Same ole, same ole. The trio has started running behind all of their push toys. I was a little premature in announcing Cora walking. She has taken the most steps, but refuses to walk anywhere these days. Cami & Carter too have taken a few steps but no signs of wanting to let go of those walking toys!

any recommendations?

Believe me, I am in no hurry to rush, but it will be quite embarrassing carrying them into kindergarden.

Off to Chi town.


Annie said...

I agree-we have cabin fever, too! We have a small house, and OMG, I can only stare at my four living room walls sooo long! We recently moved my five year old in the room with our 15yo adopted nephew, so that we can make his room a playroom for the kids. Anything to get usout of that living room!!

Laney said...

I can't wait for Spring either. The kids are so stir crazy! I'm excited because they'll be old enough to play outside.
Good luck with the walking. Really, things are easier when they DON'T walk!