Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random thoughts from a helpless wife

I has always loved & admired my husband and his parents. But I have to tell you the the additional admiration, respect and new "aw" for such an amazing family. No family and no momma should ever have to endure this kind of loss.

We are all having a very difficult time, but each of us are finding strength in the little things. Mostly, pictures, memories and 4 sets of little eyes that glow with love. We have had to make the most difficult of decisions but mostly I have to say that yesterday, my family made the hardest of them all and I am so very proud of Chris & his mom & dad to be able to make such a selfless deicsion of organ donation. 50 people will benefit from this horrific event.

A few things I have learned over the last 36 hours - if you don't have a will - get one. If you have have a preference on how your service shoudl be - write it down. If you don't have organ donation marked on your license - mark it and most importantly, hug your children closely.

Services -

Friday 1:00 p.m. - Visitaion

Friday 2:00 p.m. - Service


Dinner at Leo & Sharon Stephens home

Please join us as we celebrate Steve's life.


Jennifer Mullinax said...

What a wonderful gift of life they are giving so many well as a chance for Steve to life on. That takes an amazing strength!! Blessings, Jen

Anonymous said...

Friends of sharon's at the lake want her Kanas City address to send cards and note. Peggy Mueller please e-mail to

Stacy said...

Dear Stephens family -

I am so sorry for your loss. We've never met - but we were neighbors for awhile (we lived at Waverly & 87th). I have twins - and most importantly - my son had to have a liver transplant when he was just 10 months old (he is a happy & healthy nearly 4 year old now!)

Thank your family for their generous donation of his organs. There are nearly 90,000 people who are waiting for an organ donor today - many of them just young children / infants. I have known too many through support groups who have not received their gift in time.

Thank you for such a courageous decision in such a difficult time. Prayers for peace for your fmaily.