Friday, November 30, 2007

Gettin crazy!

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Doctor pleased! All on target. All need to fatten up!

Head CM - 47cm/75th percentile
Weight - 17 lb 11 oz - 5 percentile
Height - 28.5" - 25 percentile

Head CM - 45.5cm/55th percentile
Weight - 16 lb 14 oz - 3rd percentile
Height - 27.75" - 25 percentile

Head CM - 46cm/50th percentile
Weight - 17 lb 14 oz - MINUS 3 percentile
Height - 28.5" - 10 percentile

This week's summary:
FLU - Strand A & B
Sinus Infections
Pink Eyes
Ear Infections

Need I continue. Off to drink heavily.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Cami decided to begin her climbing lessons on our bed. She fell, has her first fat lip but recovered quickly after sucking on a cold wash cloth.

Winnie & Carter

Carter has found a new leaning post & friend. Hey, let me see that collar. Do I need one of those?

A few more birthday pictures

Thank you to all of our friends & family that joine us for this wonderful celebration! We are so blessed ot have all of you in our lives and enjoy this amazing journey with us.

Our Miracles

I married my best friend almost 9 years ago. Shortly after, we were told that IVF would be our only journey to have children. Today, is a little overwhelming for me as my miracles have turned 5 and turned 1 years old in the last 48 hours. I get a little weepy, I feel as though i am the most blessed person on this earth. My husband, my children, my home, my family. God has blessed me.

A few udpates;
Collin -our amazing little man turned 5. Collin is a very smart, thoughtful, generous, animated, funny guy. He is an amazing big brother who is always willing to pitch in, get a giggle, distract little hands and entertain. He is a social chair. Collin is the most fun to be around and is quick to draw a smile or make you laugh out loud. He loves people and people love him. He has a very strong opinion on his wardrobe and often changes for outfits per day then the average teenager.

Cora - Sissy sue -our current bull dozer of the group. She is the loudest, the screamer when things do not go her way (we are working on inside voices :-)), and the strongest opinion of the trio. Cora has an amazing smile and loves to have new toys to steal from her sibblings. She currently has 5 teeth, pulling up, has made it to the 4th step on the stairs going undetected and took 5-6 steps last night behind their push toy. Cora & carter seem to be closer to each other. Where one is you will generally find the other (doing things they shouldn't be doing). Cora sleeps with a binkie & a silkie woobie and refuses to keep a hat on her head.

Cameron - Cami -our adventure driven thinker. The most curious but only after it has been thought about in detail. She loves books and is quick to greet you with a smile if she knows you. She loves to pull her sisters hair, eat her hair bows and adores Winnie, the dog. Currently has 6 teeth (a fat lip from a fall last night) and loves to walk holding your hands. Cameron has never really crawled she army crawls - and very quickly. She also seems to have a very big heart for her big brother. Cami sleeps with her thumb and a silkie woobie and also refuses to support me in keeping her head & ears warm.

Carter - Carter man - our sensitive happy boy. Carter always will have a smile for you, he has yet to meet a stranger, loves dinner time and is quick to have his heart broken when his binkie is stolen, his toy is taken away or a stern "no" comes his way. He currently has 5 teeth and one more one its way. He is perfectly happy crawling and has no interest in walking or really standing. He will stand, but prefers not too. Carter sleeps with a binkie & silkie woobie and DOES support me in keeping a hat on his head.

Everyone has figured out how to feed the dog, Winnie during dinner. Everyone is off the bottle and drinking sippy cups of milk (w/ 2 scoops of formula still). Everyone is eating table food. Overall to date, favorite activity is their walks in the triplet wagon. Oh, what to do this winter? any suggestions?

yes, i do feel blessed and thank God for my miracles & many blessings

1 year ago tonight.....

One year ago today, i was out shopping at Target for a few last minute things when I felt a few extra contractions that seemed to come a little harder & a little more painful that i had had over the last 10 weeks. My MIL drove my huge self to St. Lukes - AGAIN, "just to be sure" that I wasn't in labor. I was 35 weeks 4 days and scheduled for a C Section in 48 short hours. I had been to St. Lukes thinking i was in labor 5 times prior only to be given ambien, visteryl and told to go home. I was fortunate and blessed to not be put on any bed rest. Following my cerclage, my cervix was fort knox. All the docs said was to be smart, if i was tired, rest. well folks, I couldn't breath, I was tired all of the time. :-) Once at St. Lukes, I knew for sure, I would be sent home, Dr. Lu said I wasn't dialated or thinning, but gave me some morphine to numb the pain and try to get my adreniline down to prevent labor from onsetting. 1 hour later, i was fully thinned, dialated to a 5 and told to call my mom because the babies were coming out NOW.

We gave birth to these amazing miracles, 1 year ago tonight.
Cora Sue - 4 pounds 13 ounces
Cameron Ray - 4 pounds 7 ounces
Carter Lee - 4 pounds 3 ounces

A few birthday pictures. . . .

A few fun pictures from our amazing birthday celebration!!!!

Thanksgiving for the trio

Everyone enjoyed lemon Wedges & mashed potatos. Below is a picture of Grandman Koch & her sister Aunt Vera. Over 180 years sitting there with a whole lot of love.

Our Thansgiving Celebration

We hosted Thanksgiving this year! Plenty of food, plenty of fun and plenty of love.

Check out that bird! Beauty if I do say so myself. Yumm

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. The turkey's in the oven and the jello's a jigglin'.

Some of the things we're thankful for:

Four beautiful children.

A home filled with love.

Family that is always there when we need them.

The best of friends all over the country and the world.

The brave men and women that are fighting for our country and all that have in the past.

And all of you out there that check in with us from time to time.

We wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and much joy over the holidays.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dear Santa. . . . .All I want is..........

We got adventurous today and went and saw Santa. Knowing full well that it would be ugly - tired, stranger danger, etc.

..............mommy instinct was wrong. Everyone did fantastic! The kids adored Santa and Santa did an outstanding job with the kiddos. Collin got to spend a few minutes before the trio going through his "pages" of wants. Santa asked him to mail them to him so he wouldn't lose them while he was visiting all of the little kids. We go to the same Santa every year at the Great Mall. No lines, Same Santa for 6 years now - so with all of the pictures lined up they are all the same. Love it, love him!

Off to Inde!

We headed with Collin to Inde for a long weekend with our dear friends the Winceks. We met them on our honeymoon almost 9 years ago! They now have 3 beautiful girls!
They travel here, we there and we trade a few kicks & ribs Colts vs. Chiefs. Of course, we continue to do KC proud! :-) Here are random pics from our trip! Nicole & Gary joined us to watch the amazing game. GO Chiefs.........i mean Colts........i am so confused. We started the morning with some Inde tailgating (pssss, they don't do it like they do in KC) but it was great fun. Great food, Great beer, Great Company, Crappy game! We love you winceks! Thanks for hosting!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WOW - too cute!

Thanks Jenny, these really look fantastic! Check her out!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

well - they are here!

Let me know your favorites!

Which one should be our Christmas Card pic!

Few updates overall at the Stephens

Carter - 5 teeth, and more coming, oh my.
Cora - 5 teeth - doing great but my bull dozer
Cameron - 6 teeth - my curious george with a very loving heart for her big brother
All puller uppers, all standers, all looking & learning, all stair climbers (oops), and all doing fantastic.
Collin - Ear Infection, ugly but doing better.

Friday we took the everyone for their birthday pictures. Collin turning 5 FIVE!!! Babes turing 1 ONE - oh my. I will post the link as soon as i get it.

I am off to Dallas for 2 days. Then Chris & I are taking Collin to Indianapolis for a long weekend to see our dear friends, the Winceks. They have 2 beautiful girls. 2 of which are Collins girlfriends - don't ask, really. Adults are headed to the Inde/Chiefs game on Sunday - GO Chiefs! Lots of fun & catching up!

You wonder, why are Christmas decorations going up..............well, between now and December 25th, we are home about 15 days. Inde trip. Thansgiving holiday, Trio bday party, Family 40th anniversay party, 3 Christmas celebrations......and a few other.........Yes, 9 of the 10 are at our home.

Say a prayer.

PS - they are also up because i absolutly love the Chrismas Season, I mean love it. I love the cold, I love the snow, I love the crowds, I love the cranky people that seriously bitch but secretly love Christmas, I love the bell ringers, I love hearing Collin if he can have some change to put in the bell ringers bucket, I love the questions of why we pick angels off a tree and buy toys that he doesn't get to enjoy, I love telling the story of Jesus, I love hearing how santa can and knows everything, I love Collin wanting to explain all of these wonderful things to his siblings - yet reminding me in the next breath that he will tell them next year when they understand......yes, I love Christmas and ALL that accompanies it.

Celebrate all of the miracles this season. Starting today. it is NEVER too early.

Much Love.

Oh, Carter....those teeth.

Carter decided to join us for the official hanging. Note: Collin has buzz light year fighing spiderman (2 of them) while the Marvel guys hang out behind the soccer bear. Collin reminded me that they couldn't help because they "broke up". They WHAT??? "Mom, the broke up, they aren't together anymore" OOOHHHHH,, NOW, i remember.

*sigh* I got to remember to be a cooler mom!