Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We said Goodbye Monday

Monday was very sad as we loaded up the kiddos & took Amy to the airport. Amy presented us with the most amazing scrapbook of her year here along with special notes & thoughts of her Year of Firsts in the USA. It is something we will cherish & the kids will have as a memory of Ms. Amy.

Amy you will be dearly missed and always a part of our family! We wish you the very best in your as you finish your Masters Degree and pursue an amazing future. Remember, ANYTHING is possible!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A little bath time with Cami & Carter

videoCarter thought it necessary while waiting his turn for evening bath to attempt to drown his sister!

A Halloween Preview.

2 Roosters (pissed) & a fussy monkey.........Trick or Treat!

Unfortuantely, the babes were not big fans....

Stephens HUGE Garage Sale!!!

ATTENTION All Triplet, Twin, Single mommies. EVERYTHING is going! TONS Of clothing!!!! Girl, Girl, Boy Trio. Infant - 4 T clothings. Huge Wardrobe of Maternity clothing. I purged my closet too. ANN TAYLOR could open a new store in DeSoto. Sizes 6 & 8. Exersaucers, 3 Oak Highchairs, Jumperoo's, Bath Seats, TRIPLET STROLLER! Single Stroller, 2 Boppy's, 3 Bumbos, 3 Swings, YOU NAME it, we have it!!! Entire Rack with Tags still on!!! November 2nd & 3rd. Call me if you want to Pre-Shop Tuesday or Thursday evenings 816-520-8850. Everything priced & sorted by size, style & design!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Teeth update

As we complete this round of teething...........
Cameron - never knew she was teething. 2 on the bottom/3 on the top
Carter - 3 on the bottom / 2 on top
Cora - 2 on bottom/ 2 on top

Yikes, jumping from 2 teeth to 5 in less than a month is hard work! For babies & mommies & daddies!

Way to go kiddos!

Meet Ms. Nita.

Nita has officially been with us one entire week. She is quickly learning the ropes & doing a great job. Welcome Nita to the Family!

a little video.......

The babies found some new toys. WATCH out Collin, they are headed into your realm!

The Fog is lifting

Seriously, who was that Dreaded Downer that left that post? The fog is lifting. Everyone is still sick with colds & coughs but sleeping much better! Attached is a little naked time after Dinner, after bath & before jammie time!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Still Here. . . . .

still alive....highlights - amy to L.A. for a week, thus no nanny for the week, mountains of laundry - mountains. never minding washing & folding it is the pain and agony of putting the mountains away, dishes & meal cleanups, gmas & gpas helping in the mornings, trying to work in the afternoons - productively working - not happening, 5 trips to the airport transporting new nannies, old nannies & great grandma's, Collin to the farm to mawmaw's, great grandmas visiting, new nanny arrival at 4:00 a.m. (in the morning - was supposed to be 10:45 p.m.), close relatives in drama trauma, 2 hours of sleep with teething children, husband sick with flu, and - well, those are the highlights - and people ask, are you OK? Well, honestly, NO...............i'd like to sleep. just a few hours. not a lot, just a bit. sleep. even called my doc for my ambien refill. He informed me that he would give me a few but that he was no longer prescribing sleep aids to any of his patients. fantastic, now i need a new doctor that hasn't gone all "green" on me. to top it off, i failed to make it to the pharmacy to get my happy sleep pill for the night. *sigh* sleep soon, early next week - that is my new goal.

off to moms for the weekend of halloween festivities,our annual pumpkin patch on Sunday, Chiefs game at 3:00 and a *singing as per the Christmas song* a partridge innnnn aaaaaaaaa pear treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

good night.

pics soon. promise.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Go Chiefs!

A little reading time from Big Brother before the big game! Go Chiefs!! notice the cutie bows in the girls hair!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mr. Cake Man

here are a few more........notice the tongue hanging out during the egg breaking, frosting spreading and the intense focus.

A Special cake for Dad!

Dad went Golfing today and Collin and I hit the town. We went to Soccer this morning, got our hair cut, went to Hobby Lobby for our new Christmas Tree (9') :-) (amazing sale), Grocery store for grocery, WalMart for bday presents for upcoming parties, home, put away groceries, baked a cake for Halloween, but Collin announced it was Dad's Special Cake. All I did was the measuring the orange border around the bottom ledge to clean up the edges and that was IT!!!!!!! He is a rockstar. He did it all, broke eggs, mixed it and poured the batter! He wrote the letters DAD but was upset that the letter "A" was "wrecked" so I fixed the A for him but he did everything else. I first thought it was a ghost and he quickly corrected me that is was a picture of his dad. When I asked him what the squiggly things were on the side of his head he stated quickly that it was ears. It was proceeded by a look that only an almost 5 year old can give --- that was like "seriously, mom, if you didn't know that was dad and that those are dads ears, you ought to get out of the kitchen".
Yup, he did well. After a happy plate of dinner all of us are enjoying a yummy piece of this portrait of dad cake. Someone call Emeril! BAM!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Collin's FAVORITE song

Too funny

take 3 minutes & watch this!

oh, the adventures

Carter found the pantry this morning before breakfast, it wasn't long before Cora came to rob him of his found prize followed by Cami. They were having a wrestling match before I knew it - of course the camera died after the shot of the 2 of them.

Bath time after dinner last night

Carter splashing bubbles, Cora has the top of her head chopped off (way to go mom) and Cami has her hand in the other side of dirth dishes!

Collin & Great Grandma

Grandma came up yesterday to visit and enjoyed an afternoon with the kiddos. They played games and got lots of cuddles. We love you great grandma!!!

We are getting braver!

We ventured out to eat a few nights ago! Everyone did fantastic! French Fries, Fruit and lemon's (from the water) were the hits of the night