Monday, July 30, 2007


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Dear Gma & Gpa

Thank you sooo much for our Choo Choo wagon! IT is a perfect early birthday present. Everyone else had riden it but us. HOWEVER, today was our very FIRST ride in it and we did outstanding! 8 months 3 days old. YAHOO!!! Mommy buckeled us in and took us to the end of the street and to the opposite end too! We giggled at the winnie doggy and laughed as big brother rode his bike with us. It was perfect! Thank you again!!!! Love, Cami, Cora & Carter

And we have a sitter!

Go Cora go! She may not have any teeth, but she is sitting and saying DADA!!!

Cora, my dear.

Graham cracker is not meant to be worn, but if anyone can pull it off, it is you my dear! LOOK at those blue eyes!

Teething pdate

Carter - 2 teeth
Cameron - 2 teeth
Cora - no teeth but babbling "DA, DA, DA, DAAAA, DAAAAA" - ALL day (and some nights) long!
Carter currently not sleeping due to teething
Mommy & Daddy - exhausted............................


J.T's Bar & Grill in DeSoto, KS

We took an adventure Saturday night and took all of us out to eat dinner. Both sides of the family joined us and good friends too. There were 10 adults & 4 kits. We had great service, many compliments and ZERO negative comments. The kids enjoyed french fries and was COVERED from head to toe. Note, the cute bows in the girls hair!! They are in with 2 strands of hair!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Water Feature!!

OK, what may look like 3 rocks piled on top of each other to you, is a GRAND accomplishment in our house!
LOOK at the 3rd rock - no more white hoses and our water feature is complete!!! I will take a better picture tomorrow but I got Collin doing his famous "canon ball" and the water feature so you get to enjoy both!
ok, good night!
P.S. GUESS WHO IS COMING TO VISIT on Labor Day????????
We are now taking donations for our beer consumption. Anyone own a liquor store or brewery?

Carter man!!!

OK, after a night of Carter fussing and making the Stephens house a very tired one.................guess who is sporting TWO teeth this morning!!!! Cami only has one bottom tooth with one almost through and Carter popped 2 in one night! Cora girl, you got to catch up!!! Way to go my man!!!!

szzzszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, that is the stephens sleeping tonight!

Much love

Collin had a TBall Swim party tonight!

He got a trophy and everything!!!! Forgot a picture of the trophy - tomorrow!

High Chairs & Sippy Cups __ we are BIG KIDS!!!

Look at us!!! WE are big kids!

So Pretty (Handsome)in Orange

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It is rare.............................

It is rare that i think about Chris and I's infertility road that we journey'd. It was long and when I stop and remember, it is painful, it is hurtful and it sadden's me to reflect on such a time where I thought I could not have the family that Chris & I sooooo desired.. Following our first eptopic at 25 years old, I will never forget the doctor having to ask Chris to take the "tube" cause it was so badly damaged and telling him that the other was in terribe condition and that we were limited to IVF to conceive. I came out of sugery and my husband (married a mere 6 months)had to tell me I was infertile.....

For those that don't know our journey, it was long one. We have lost 9 babies, 2 eptopics pregancies, 2 lap surgeries, 3 fresh ivf egg retrievals, 3 frozen cycles, 3 chemical pregnancies, 3 early misarriages, blah, blah blah. They ask me my surgery history now and I honestly don't remember them all.

We thought we would conclude our journey with, our PERFECT son and would grow our family by adoption. The drugs, the injections the emotions, the rollercoaster - it was time to move on. We went through our home study, portfolio's and all of the stacks of paperwork and concluded we would try one more time in tandum of adoption. What ever happened we would accept. We were sooo blessed with our one son, and knew we wanted more children, it became more about providing a home for our children (adopted or other) that we wanted a HOUSE FULL of love.

I have not paused in the last year to remember the road that brought me to this amazing house of love, 4 perfect children that are all so unique, so beautiful. I will remember to this day, when we had just put our 2 eggs in (very last attempt) as we drove to Wichita to meet with a birth mom that had just given birth to her 5 child in 3 years. We took her flowers and a card and nothing but love to offer. We were ready regardless of what was inside me.

Our history had been we were always successful with pregnancy - but they quickly ended around 7 weeks. Chris and I discussed the entire trip -"worst case" we have twins and adopt this beautiful baby girl and they would be "irish" twins and we would make it work. This mom decided a week later to parent, God bless her, I pray she and her children are ok and happy. Now, knowing what we know now, "worst case" would have been quads. Our trips and one beautiful baby girl.

We love our family and praise God for what he has given us. Who knows, maybe there will be another little Stephens one day...........ours or adopted...........we have a lot of love and I know that whatever life hands us, who we are, what we are are because of the choices we make on faith.

I borrowed this from a fellow triplet blog and wanted to share.

Post your story, I would love to hear more of you.
Much Love

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Officially, our man is growing up.

So, Collin wears pull-ups to bed.

I have never really tried to have him not. Ped has always told me that with boys - not to even push til they are 5 or 6. No biggie. Well, the deal was that as long has Collin told me when his drawer of pullups was getting low, then when I was at the store, Chris or I would pick some up. Guess who forgot to remind us that he was getting low. So...last week, before he went to moms, he hollered that he was out of pullups. So..........we said "that's it". Big boy pants it is........he was thrilled, he said "really?" and was very excited. He had NEVER asked to wear big boy pants to bed and then it was like ---- hello, what have YOU been waiting for............guess what............8 days and 2 accidents. Way to go Collin!

Amy enjoys her first Smore!

Bisquits & Gravy. .

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Good.

Best Breakfast on the Lake

Indian Point has the best Breakfast - worth the boat ride! Collin is feeding carp and "sea turtles" that are the size of him!

All of the cousins as we head to the boat for the day. Zac, Nick, Collin & Emily

Collin Prepares for his Big Debut' sking

Yup, those are the highlights, Excitement, Fear..............then, the infamous, "i'm done". Drank a little too much lake water. Maybe next time!

AHAHAHAH - I forgot to mention the best thing yet.

In addition to our double ear infections - we also have our FIRST (and almost SECOND) tooth. Both are proudly being displayed by Cameron!!!!!! Way to go sweetie.

During our camping trip, each baby enjoye cheeto's, french fries and their favorite - Bisquits & Gravy..............I know, I know - but they loved it!

"roughing it"

The trio got their first "bucket bath" out in the great world of camping. All are fond of bubbles!!!!

Then we got tired....................................

Headed back to camp after a day of fun

The new Captain

And we did a little boating, tubing, wave runner and some monkey'ing around.............


And we roasted Smores with our neighbors..............the boys did more "flaming of the marshmellows than the did "roasting".

and then we were done..........................

One tired 4 year old, and 3 screaming triplets with double ear infections....................mommy & daddy are tired.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Our home

Today has been a weak day for sure. After a crazy week filled with travel and preparing the house and all ofus to head to the lake tomorrow, I am tired and have realized I will be a terrible empty nester.

I took Collin to mawmaw & papa's yesterday, they are meeting us at Tablerock lake tomorrow for the next 4 days. Chris & I got the babes in bed around 6:00 p.m. and realized just how quiet our home is without Collin. There was no............Mom, 5 extra minutes please, Mom, why did you turn off Nick at Nite? Mom, I don't want to brush my teeth, Dad, read my story, Mom, back scratch, Dad, I'm scared and need another light on...........................Mommy, Good night and I love you wider than the world and deeper than the ocean................................ I miss my lil man. Collin of course is having the time of his life feeding cows and doing chores and packing up for our trip. He also is enjoying a special treat having Uncle Brandon take him to see Transformers tonight and eat at McDonalds. Selfish me....................................................I am sadd, I miss my boy.

Off for the next few days boating and playing at the lake. It will be a big weekend, Collin is going to learn how to water ski. The easter bunny brought him training skis and tomorrow will be the first time we get the boat out and are able to let him try them out.

Many Many pictures next week!!

Much Love to all!

Meet the Winceks. . . . . . ..

Our dearest friends from Indianapolis joined us for a wonderful week of fun during the 4th of July (so did, Uncle Steve, Mawmaw & Papa, Gma & Gpa). We have not seen them since our cruise 3 years ago. Chris & I met G & K on our honeymoon and have always traveled back and forth for Chiefs/Colts games, Inde 500, etc. .................... Then, we all decided to start having our kiddos, and schedules became a bit insane. G&K have 3 amazing girls that are Kailin, Kathryn, and Megan. Collin enjoyed having some older children in the house BUT also realized that those 3 year olds can be a little frustrating. Oh, my little man, you have NO idea what is in store the next 3 years. :-) A few pictures are below of our 4th of july celebration and fun pool time with our friends. Below are a few pictures. Fun in the Sun.

Work hard, Play hard, sleep hard