Thursday, March 29, 2007

Shots today

Babies had outstanding appts. today. They are on target for term babies. Left to right in the trio picture is Cameron, Carter, Cami, --- none were very interested in having thier pictures taken. To the left is Cameron, Below is Carter & then Cora! We are officially on the charts! all ranging in the 10-25% percentile!

Drum roll please:
Cora - 12 pounds 3 lbs
Cameron - 11 pounds 12 ounces

Carter - 11 pounds 13 ounces
If you have been follwoing the blog - YES, they gained just less than a pound in ONE week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are loving their Applesauce, Pears & Bananas!
Love to all!

Off to 4 month checkups!

Off to the doctor! Think BIG thoughts. They each will be receiving 4 shots each......poor babies!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Thai Dinner!

Amy made dinner for us Sunday night! YUMMY! IT was the BEST!! She made 2 soups, 3 entree's,a very yummy Thai dessert with real coconut milk and a Thai beverage. I think every pan was used on the kitchen but it was worth it!!
We hope she will cook every night! LOL

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Disney on Ice

What a great evening! We took Collin, Amy, Gma & Gpa to Disney on Ice - featuring the Incredibles. It was the BEST! We sat on the front row - rinkside. OF COUSE, everything was $20.00, we turned around at it was $20.00. It was a genium Vacuum ---$20.00, $20.00, $20.00 ----Cotton Candy, Slushy with special Dash Cup, Dash Mask, Program, beer from Mom & Dad.......yep - it was an expensive night. Thank God for Gma's and Gpa's!! However, the tickets were outstanding! Collin was 4 ft from the characters and everything Dash came over, they waved to each other. Minnie Mouse & Collin blew kisses at each other and Syndrone's army guy even said hi! You have to go see this show. It was great. Collin spent most of the night with his mouth side open admiring the scenes, characters & the great ice skating. He announced as we left that he was going to work harder at Hockey so he can grow up and skate with Disney on Ice...I guess we can scrap his college fund now. :-)

Cousins, Cousins Cousins

We had family pictures yesteraday. 4 siblings grew to 8 with spouses with 12 children. WOW. It was a house full. Here are a few pics of nephews, nieces & kiddos

Friday, March 23, 2007

RSV Shot!!

Cora weigh's in at 11#'s 6 oz
Cami & Carter weigh'd in at 11#'s 3 oz

Great news - They will get one more month/dose of Synergis - hooray!

Cameron let the entire office know she was not pleased about receiving a shot. She has really good lungs! Next week is their 4 month checkup!

More later!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


HAPPY 36th Birthday Aunt Sigie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We made our own Clover Leaf for you!

Breakfast this morning! YUMMY!

Cora (blue), Carter (blue & white), Cameron (pink)

Applesauce & Oatmeal - YUMMY. Only sneezed 3 x's each. YUCK!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Deck Pictures

WOW! Check out the progress!

Enjoying some Sunshine!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Whew...I need a vacation

Business Trip - Expensive
Vegas - Exhausting but Blast
4 days from home - Heartrenching
Coming home to 4 smiling blessings - PRICELESS

Thank God for family and amazing hubbys to keep life on track while you are gone. Thank you for everyone that chipped in! Starting to get back in the swing. It as very tough being away, but it was an outstanding trip! Lots of solid new business! Moving into my office this week, babies are starting to find their hands & eating them and the deck is near completion. Just need stairs & a roof on the gazebo. Pool design finalized by end of week and digging to begin in 4 weeks! yahoo!

Off to Chicago tomorrow, new pictures later this week!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


I was in Boston on Tuesday & Chicago on Friday. Traveling 2x's in one week causes for a very tired mommy and a very stressed daddy! This week I am off to Vegas Tuesday - Friday for a trade show. This is my first overnight away and it is going to be unbelievably hard. Lots of family helping out though! Collin is headed to the farm on Wednesday morning to spend a few days with mawmaw & papa. Gma & Gpa is coming up from the lake to spend some quality time with the babes & winnie and Ms. Amy will be here to keep everyone on the straight! :-) Then we are all headed to my best friends wedding on Saturday (also Chris's birthday!). I think Sunday we will go out to dinner for his big day - pending we all don't want to crash after a crazy week of ping-pong!

Wish us all luck!

All Dressed & Ready for the Day

Sleepy Head Carter was last1

Yep, I am cute!

Cora was next awake

Look at me mommy!

naked pics getting dressed this morning!

Ms. Cami was first awake!

OK, Baby Pictures too! 14 weeks old tomorrow

Mommy & Daddy was booted out of our bed today. Somehow a King Size bed isn't that large with 3 babes!


how did a week and a half go by? We have been doing the same! Feeding, changing, playing, school, hockey & work. The big news of the week is as it gets nicer, Chris is working on the deck again! Below are a few pics from today!

Deck progress...Loving the wrought Iron Ballisters for the railing! The structure on the right is the gazebo. the roofing will match the new roof on the house!

We are also working on the pool design. We are holding off on the new boat and starting the pool in late April!