Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa Claus Came to our house!

This year was amazing (I was sad my dad & step mom couldn't make it) He has walking pneumonia and was down for the count this week. However, it was special, full of joy, full of love & way too fun. Christmas Eve day, mom & I braved the mall. Not that we needed anything, we just wanted too. We bought each of the kiddos a new pair of crocks for the spring and a WHOLE lot of goodies for oursleves. It was a very fun memory. We fought the crowds, lost our car, argued over whether or not her new purse was a purse or actually a tote. Believe me when I say - it is a TOTE - gees, is wish i had a picture & we could take a vote. The thing is bigger than she is. We met several friends & their moms for lunch (Nicole, Kelly & Jen), enjoyed great company, each others family traditions for the holidays. We ran home, unloaded (all we bought for ourselves) and ran to Chrismas Eve Service. It was a lot of fun. We went to Zimmerman farms and watch a play about the birth of Christ in a barn. Yes, in a barn, candle lit with Cows, Donkeys, Goats & a Sheep. It was cool.

Chris & I woke about 6:15 Christmas morning dying for the kids to get up. The did finally at 6:45 when we woke them! :-) Although the triplets didn't get much out of it other than tearing paper & climbing on boxes - Collin made every late night, every ting of stress - all worth it. Collin's favorite toy was his new portable DVD player, Disney MP3 player, High School Musical CD & DVD and the dragon fly from hell that no one can fly. The trio, well, the rollar coaster of course. They now fight over turns on who gets to ride it. I wish Santa had known how big it really was and three of them is OUT of the question.

Chris is the proud owner of a new Sirius Stiletto 2 (didn't arrive til today) (if you haven't ever had satellite radio (which we haven't) and you are looking for a cool techie gift - this is the coolest thing ever! Highly recommend it. I had an amazing gift of new bar stools for our island. They look fantastic! One for each kiddo. They weren't under the tree though, Collin sent me on a scavender hunt to find them.

Merry Christmas & Much Love to ALL!