Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Booger Incident(s)

OK, so Collin is a typical 5 year old but he picks his nose. Yes, he picks his nose. Not for a lack of teaching, instruction and plenty of tissue. Picking the nose is one thing, but then.........................he occasionally eats them. Yes, he eats them. This summer, while serving as a Goalie on Soccer, it happened - as a mom, *sigh*. We have talked, discussed, tried to bribe, tried to "scare" (the girls don't dig it, finger will fall off, etc.), EVERYTHING! The last time it happened, his dad had had it and threatened to put tobasco in his nose"the very next time". I shivered at the thought. Cringed because I knew it would eventually happen and he would have to follow through. Then it did. Right in front of his dad, as if to taunt him tonight, it happened.

It will forever be known as the booger incident. The night that dad had a 5 year old, mortified in tears, crying that it would "sting" forever. (note, it only burned and caused incident for less than 5 minutes) It wasn't even a full drop - but I believe, we will never have an eating booger incident. It is one that he will remember, one that his dad will tell his children, one that we will laugh of one day...................pray for no more booger eating.