Monday, December 31, 2007

The After Picture

Collin -Mom, why did you move the plant?
Me - Beacuse, the babies keep digging in it and eating the dirt
Collin - Why did you (stressing the YOU) destroy it?
Me - I didn't honey, the babies had stripped the leaves, so I am hoping that it will grow back
Collin - Mom, you broke it yesterday, I saw you.
Me - speechless, i will never be smarter than my 5 year old.....ever.


This occurred when I transferred ONE load of laundry to the dryer.......ONE FREEKING LOAD! This plant was once a beautiful lush pot of greenery.....approximately 3' high by 24" wide............but now???

Collin Sledding

Perfect Day for some sledding. The kids in the neighboorhood enjoyed a full day of outdoor time. Collin slept like a baby last night!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy New Year (almost)

Thought a festive blog template was in order! This year, for the first year in years, we are going out. Not that we haven't wanted too, but we have always had people over, not a big fan of getting out on New Years Eve. BUT, this year, we are taking a Limo, 3 other couples and going to have an amazing dinner at our very favorite resturant. J Gilberts. The most outstanding service & steak in KC. When we finish, we are headed to the Plaza to enjoy the Holiday lights and following that..........well, we may let the driver decide.

Happy New Year!

The Booger Incident(s)

OK, so Collin is a typical 5 year old but he picks his nose. Yes, he picks his nose. Not for a lack of teaching, instruction and plenty of tissue. Picking the nose is one thing, but then.........................he occasionally eats them. Yes, he eats them. This summer, while serving as a Goalie on Soccer, it happened - as a mom, *sigh*. We have talked, discussed, tried to bribe, tried to "scare" (the girls don't dig it, finger will fall off, etc.), EVERYTHING! The last time it happened, his dad had had it and threatened to put tobasco in his nose"the very next time". I shivered at the thought. Cringed because I knew it would eventually happen and he would have to follow through. Then it did. Right in front of his dad, as if to taunt him tonight, it happened.

It will forever be known as the booger incident. The night that dad had a 5 year old, mortified in tears, crying that it would "sting" forever. (note, it only burned and caused incident for less than 5 minutes) It wasn't even a full drop - but I believe, we will never have an eating booger incident. It is one that he will remember, one that his dad will tell his children, one that we will laugh of one day...................pray for no more booger eating.

What Mom, Did I do something?

As I sit here and blog, I am directly behind the girls. Carter was enjoying some dumptruck time & a Baby einstein movie and the girls were .........ummmmmm...................busy. Well, all I can say is I got my time to the blog.

My absolute Favorite!!

pawpaw & mawmaw surprised us with this amazing organizer. This fits perfectly as you walk in my back door. It is the coolest thing ever! A spot for Shoes (not new crocks, shelf 2, cubby 2), hats & gloves, hockey skates & coats. We had talked about it briefly this summer about my "pit" as you came in the back door - what a great surprise! Thank you again guys! We love you!

Santa Claus Came to our house!

This year was amazing (I was sad my dad & step mom couldn't make it) He has walking pneumonia and was down for the count this week. However, it was special, full of joy, full of love & way too fun. Christmas Eve day, mom & I braved the mall. Not that we needed anything, we just wanted too. We bought each of the kiddos a new pair of crocks for the spring and a WHOLE lot of goodies for oursleves. It was a very fun memory. We fought the crowds, lost our car, argued over whether or not her new purse was a purse or actually a tote. Believe me when I say - it is a TOTE - gees, is wish i had a picture & we could take a vote. The thing is bigger than she is. We met several friends & their moms for lunch (Nicole, Kelly & Jen), enjoyed great company, each others family traditions for the holidays. We ran home, unloaded (all we bought for ourselves) and ran to Chrismas Eve Service. It was a lot of fun. We went to Zimmerman farms and watch a play about the birth of Christ in a barn. Yes, in a barn, candle lit with Cows, Donkeys, Goats & a Sheep. It was cool.

Chris & I woke about 6:15 Christmas morning dying for the kids to get up. The did finally at 6:45 when we woke them! :-) Although the triplets didn't get much out of it other than tearing paper & climbing on boxes - Collin made every late night, every ting of stress - all worth it. Collin's favorite toy was his new portable DVD player, Disney MP3 player, High School Musical CD & DVD and the dragon fly from hell that no one can fly. The trio, well, the rollar coaster of course. They now fight over turns on who gets to ride it. I wish Santa had known how big it really was and three of them is OUT of the question.

Chris is the proud owner of a new Sirius Stiletto 2 (didn't arrive til today) (if you haven't ever had satellite radio (which we haven't) and you are looking for a cool techie gift - this is the coolest thing ever! Highly recommend it. I had an amazing gift of new bar stools for our island. They look fantastic! One for each kiddo. They weren't under the tree though, Collin sent me on a scavender hunt to find them.

Merry Christmas & Much Love to ALL!

Collin & PawPaw

Collin enjoyed some fun time in the snow with PawPaw.

Chrismas at the Keatings

We enjoyed a wonderful night out (thank you MawMaw & Papa for babysitting) at the Keatings. We exchanged gifts and fought over some very interesting ones. Those that were stolen several times included an electric shock game (see picture and the ding dongs playing it) - last one to be not buzzed in when the light goes green gets jolted), fart machine (yes, at an adult party, the fart machine was fought over), lovely candles, Hoopla Game - made by Cranium (this was way too fun). Grown, drunk adults acting out and word association with things such as; Santa Claus, Cat in the Hat, Fidel Castro (also known that night as Fido), Food Court, Alaska, etc.) This game was a ton of fun. If you don't own it, it is a great game for game night. This is Chris doing the Pinata (IF YOU DELETE THIS PICTURE CHRISTOPHER STEPHENS, I WILL BEAT YOU!!!)

Sorry, Jen, I know you will hate this picture - but i love ya!

Birthday's for Gma & Gpa

Sunday we headed to Gma & Gpa's for their Birthday party. Collin baked his famous Brownies for a birthday cake. We enjoyed Chicken & noodles for dinner. NOTE: if you look in the mirror the candles are arranged in a backwards "S" and there is a mini "L" (sharon & leo) :-)

Christmas #2 at Uncle Brandon's house

Cousin Zac, Collin & Carter My Siblings & Dad
Carter & his new Dump truck. Check out those wheels
We are such Big kiddos - eathing at the table!

Aunt Sig, Cameron sitting, Cora standing & Carter
Cousin, Emily, Nic & Zac. They are so great with the kiddos!
The entire crew!
Uncle Les and the girls. Cami on the left, cora on the right. My phone did not survive the teething adventure. Too much slober = New Phone

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Collin Entertaining - Take 2


Collin entertaining......

Collin enjoys singing to get all of his siblings to sing along and clap. Of course, they quit performing as soon as the camera came out. Bummer! video

Look at those cuties....

Christmas with the Meyers

Our annual Christmas with the Meyers. Man have we gone from 1 kiddo each t0 six kids. The difference a year makes. :-) Note, Collins favorite gift thus Christmas.....the Yadadaddadaad. Thanks Mr. Meyer!

uuuuu, Mom, we want to help!

Baking cookies at the Holidays is one of my favorite things to do. The girls thought they should help. Girls: ", we can get the wax Paper". Me: "girls, that is saran wrap".

A few more. . . .

Aunt Linsey & Cora - too cute! Carter & his pink binkie w/ his cousin, Zac. aaaahhhhhhhhhh
Uncle Brandon :& Brandi

Our Annual Christmas with the Nieces & Nephews

Uncle Chris & Cora (she has him suckered into thinking she is the sweet one) :-) Great Grannie with Cami. "Now which one is this?" :-)

Aunt Sig, MawMaw & Cora hanging with the girls

Friday, December 14, 2007

Who's Who???

As we continue to venture around and explore, Mommy & Daddy get more and more tired. Everyone ended up in Carters jammies tonight. Who's Who? Can you guess who? Big Brother LOVES giving rides to his siblings. Another favorite hobby is the three of the racing up the stairs with daddy. Who can win? Cora seems to be the champion stair climber, although all make it for their nightly wrestling match with Daddy.