Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our Miracles

I married my best friend almost 9 years ago. Shortly after, we were told that IVF would be our only journey to have children. Today, is a little overwhelming for me as my miracles have turned 5 and turned 1 years old in the last 48 hours. I get a little weepy, I feel as though i am the most blessed person on this earth. My husband, my children, my home, my family. God has blessed me.

A few udpates;
Collin -our amazing little man turned 5. Collin is a very smart, thoughtful, generous, animated, funny guy. He is an amazing big brother who is always willing to pitch in, get a giggle, distract little hands and entertain. He is a social chair. Collin is the most fun to be around and is quick to draw a smile or make you laugh out loud. He loves people and people love him. He has a very strong opinion on his wardrobe and often changes for outfits per day then the average teenager.

Cora - Sissy sue -our current bull dozer of the group. She is the loudest, the screamer when things do not go her way (we are working on inside voices :-)), and the strongest opinion of the trio. Cora has an amazing smile and loves to have new toys to steal from her sibblings. She currently has 5 teeth, pulling up, has made it to the 4th step on the stairs going undetected and took 5-6 steps last night behind their push toy. Cora & carter seem to be closer to each other. Where one is you will generally find the other (doing things they shouldn't be doing). Cora sleeps with a binkie & a silkie woobie and refuses to keep a hat on her head.

Cameron - Cami -our adventure driven thinker. The most curious but only after it has been thought about in detail. She loves books and is quick to greet you with a smile if she knows you. She loves to pull her sisters hair, eat her hair bows and adores Winnie, the dog. Currently has 6 teeth (a fat lip from a fall last night) and loves to walk holding your hands. Cameron has never really crawled she army crawls - and very quickly. She also seems to have a very big heart for her big brother. Cami sleeps with her thumb and a silkie woobie and also refuses to support me in keeping her head & ears warm.

Carter - Carter man - our sensitive happy boy. Carter always will have a smile for you, he has yet to meet a stranger, loves dinner time and is quick to have his heart broken when his binkie is stolen, his toy is taken away or a stern "no" comes his way. He currently has 5 teeth and one more one its way. He is perfectly happy crawling and has no interest in walking or really standing. He will stand, but prefers not too. Carter sleeps with a binkie & silkie woobie and DOES support me in keeping a hat on his head.

Everyone has figured out how to feed the dog, Winnie during dinner. Everyone is off the bottle and drinking sippy cups of milk (w/ 2 scoops of formula still). Everyone is eating table food. Overall to date, favorite activity is their walks in the triplet wagon. Oh, what to do this winter? any suggestions?

yes, i do feel blessed and thank God for my miracles & many blessings


Laney said...

Happy birthday to your four miracles! Those cakes are adorable. And I love the picture of you with the trio laying on you!!
Congrats on making it so far!

Anonymous said...

Hi there... Sig's Aunt in CA here... I've soooo enjoyed watching your babies grow..and Collin too!! Happy birthday to all 4 of them. I check your blog regularly.. :)