Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Few updates overall at the Stephens

Carter - 5 teeth, and more coming, oh my.
Cora - 5 teeth - doing great but my bull dozer
Cameron - 6 teeth - my curious george with a very loving heart for her big brother
All puller uppers, all standers, all looking & learning, all stair climbers (oops), and all doing fantastic.
Collin - Ear Infection, ugly but doing better.

Friday we took the everyone for their birthday pictures. Collin turning 5 FIVE!!! Babes turing 1 ONE - oh my. I will post the link as soon as i get it.

I am off to Dallas for 2 days. Then Chris & I are taking Collin to Indianapolis for a long weekend to see our dear friends, the Winceks. They have 2 beautiful girls. 2 of which are Collins girlfriends - don't ask, really. Adults are headed to the Inde/Chiefs game on Sunday - GO Chiefs! Lots of fun & catching up!

You wonder, why are Christmas decorations going up..............well, between now and December 25th, we are home about 15 days. Inde trip. Thansgiving holiday, Trio bday party, Family 40th anniversay party, 3 Christmas celebrations......and a few other.........Yes, 9 of the 10 are at our home.

Say a prayer.

PS - they are also up because i absolutly love the Chrismas Season, I mean love it. I love the cold, I love the snow, I love the crowds, I love the cranky people that seriously bitch but secretly love Christmas, I love the bell ringers, I love hearing Collin if he can have some change to put in the bell ringers bucket, I love the questions of why we pick angels off a tree and buy toys that he doesn't get to enjoy, I love telling the story of Jesus, I love hearing how santa can and knows everything, I love Collin wanting to explain all of these wonderful things to his siblings - yet reminding me in the next breath that he will tell them next year when they understand......yes, I love Christmas and ALL that accompanies it.

Celebrate all of the miracles this season. Starting today. it is NEVER too early.

Much Love.