Friday, October 19, 2007

Still Here. . . . .

still alive....highlights - amy to L.A. for a week, thus no nanny for the week, mountains of laundry - mountains. never minding washing & folding it is the pain and agony of putting the mountains away, dishes & meal cleanups, gmas & gpas helping in the mornings, trying to work in the afternoons - productively working - not happening, 5 trips to the airport transporting new nannies, old nannies & great grandma's, Collin to the farm to mawmaw's, great grandmas visiting, new nanny arrival at 4:00 a.m. (in the morning - was supposed to be 10:45 p.m.), close relatives in drama trauma, 2 hours of sleep with teething children, husband sick with flu, and - well, those are the highlights - and people ask, are you OK? Well, honestly, NO...............i'd like to sleep. just a few hours. not a lot, just a bit. sleep. even called my doc for my ambien refill. He informed me that he would give me a few but that he was no longer prescribing sleep aids to any of his patients. fantastic, now i need a new doctor that hasn't gone all "green" on me. to top it off, i failed to make it to the pharmacy to get my happy sleep pill for the night. *sigh* sleep soon, early next week - that is my new goal.

off to moms for the weekend of halloween festivities,our annual pumpkin patch on Sunday, Chiefs game at 3:00 and a *singing as per the Christmas song* a partridge innnnn aaaaaaaaa pear treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

good night.

pics soon. promise.


Jennifer Mullinax said...

No fun....hope everyone is feeling better!! Sounds to me like you need a girls me!! :)