Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Special cake for Dad!

Dad went Golfing today and Collin and I hit the town. We went to Soccer this morning, got our hair cut, went to Hobby Lobby for our new Christmas Tree (9') :-) (amazing sale), Grocery store for grocery, WalMart for bday presents for upcoming parties, home, put away groceries, baked a cake for Halloween, but Collin announced it was Dad's Special Cake. All I did was the measuring the orange border around the bottom ledge to clean up the edges and that was IT!!!!!!! He is a rockstar. He did it all, broke eggs, mixed it and poured the batter! He wrote the letters DAD but was upset that the letter "A" was "wrecked" so I fixed the A for him but he did everything else. I first thought it was a ghost and he quickly corrected me that is was a picture of his dad. When I asked him what the squiggly things were on the side of his head he stated quickly that it was ears. It was proceeded by a look that only an almost 5 year old can give --- that was like "seriously, mom, if you didn't know that was dad and that those are dads ears, you ought to get out of the kitchen".
Yup, he did well. After a happy plate of dinner all of us are enjoying a yummy piece of this portrait of dad cake. Someone call Emeril! BAM!


Anonymous said...

I really like the way you decorated your Dad's cake. I think it looks just like him. I know you worked hard to make that cake and it really looks good.