Monday, September 10, 2007

So, there I was......

minding my own business. Working hard. On a conference call, when I see Collin's school beaping in on my cell phone.

Me: xx can you hold for a second?
Customer: Sure.

Me: Kim Stephens
Teacher: Kim, this is Ann Marie and I have Collin here with me and I need to discuss the seriousness of his actions during lunch today.
Me: Ok, What happened?
Teacher: We were enjoying Mini (MINI, mind you, thankfully) Corn Dogs today when Collin decided to eat the breading on the outside and put the dog down his pants and proceed to say, "look at me, I have a big ding, ding".
Me: silence, processing the conversation
ME: Dying inside with laughter
Me: still silence and still trying to get the visual in my head.
Me: oooookkkkkkk
Teacher: would you like to speak with him?
Me: No, (knowing that I could not make it through the conversation without laughing) can you please tell collin that his dad & I will address it with him when he gets home.
Teacher: OK

Yes, it really happened.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh!!! The joys of motherhood.
I know them well. And that's just the beginning.

Love you,

Jennifer Mullinax said...

Classic...that will be a fun story for many years to he will hate someday!! Hee hee

Nita said...

Oh goodness!! Collin boy...
ha ha ha (>_^)

Stef~ said...

ok.. This made me spit out my drink a little..


oh the good times we'll have with "our" two boys..

Anonymous said...

Just think you have another son that will learn from his big brother. Imagine what Collin will teach his sisters.

Miss Tina

Sara said...

Just blog surfing and had to comment... that just made me laugh! I just love little boys... the things they do...

Jessica said...

OMG. I just had to read that out loud to Jonny... HE enjoyed only half as much as I did. But oh my goodness. That was FUNNY. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to start calling "wee's" "Ding-Ding's" :)

Annie said...

OMG, I laughed out loud! And I can't believe they called you at work to tell you that! So funny..............