Monday, September 24, 2007

Quick Overall 10 month update

Carter - 3 teeth (2 bottom & 1 top)
Cameron - 2 bottom teeth
Cora - 2 bottom teeth

Everyone is crawling and pulling up! They are drinking from a sippy cup and a regular cup. Each of them say mama & dada but not "at" us.

Everyone is teething and getting over a nasty green snot cold.

Favorite foods;
Cora will eat green beans until she turns green & mac n cheese
Cameron loves peaches & carrots & mac & cheese
Carter loves chicken & mac & cheese

Cameron doesn't like eggs and Carter is not a fan of fruits.

Cora and Carter are my binki babies and Cameron sucks her thumb anytime she is in the crib. It is funny, outside of the crib - nothing - doesn't look for it at all. The minute she is in the crib her thumb goes in the mouth and down she goes.

The girls seem to need much more sleep than Carter. They would take longer naps but little buckaroo wakes them. They sleep about 1 hour & 15 minutes in the morning & afternoons. Sometimes we will get 1 hour & 30 minutes in the afternoon if we are lucky! They are still off to bed at 6:30 (and that is a push), at 6:00 they are ready but we are trying to extend the evenings with them.

They are soo much fun right now! Curious about everything. Sounds, colors & new things, it is wonderful.


Nita said...

It's great news for me.Can't waiting to see you guys.

love =)