Thursday, August 02, 2007

a time to pause

This week has been a rotten week emotionally, personally and professionally. Soooooooooooo many reasons and causes and yet all of them are insignificant to my best friends tragic events and Amy's tragic events this week. I am humbled and I ask God to help each of them.

Jen lost her father today after a VERY short battle with Melanomia (sp??) cancer. He walked her down the aisle 3 months ago and today he is gone. My heart aches for her. My heart hurts for her mom and sisters, my heart hurts for the babies she hasn't had that will never know the amazing man that raised such an amazing girl. Jen, I love you. Please say a quick prayer for her and her family.

They say things happen in 3's..........Amy (our aupair) has a very close network of Thai friends here in Kansas City that are also Aupairs. She spent the weekend with 4 of her closest friends, one Thip. Thip has been her, lovely well spoken, well educated, and well loved. Amy said she didn't feel well Saturday and Sunday. Monday her host family took her to the ER because they thought she looked dehydrated. She died within 20 minutes upon their arrival. Cardiac Arrest. The autopsy is still being conducted, but they felt that it was probably a Brain tumor or aunerism (sp??). Her family.......oh my. Can you imagine? You raise you child to be independent, adventure to an entire different world, spend 2 amazing years here and not come home alive. They had a service for her last night at a Buddist Temple. I was stuck in dallas, but Chris was able to attend. Today they sent Thip back to her family. To top it off, the Thai government will seize all of her money that she earned here and her family will have to petition and beg for it. Please pray for her friends, family and her host family. Everyone is devasted.

Life is short.
Life is very short.
Our family, our friends, our loved ones are our lives.
Today we are all here, one knows.

Many and much love to all.


Carolyn said...

I am sorry.
I can understand this because it has happened to me.
Stay strong for all.