Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baby pictures - 8 months 3 weeks

Yup - here we all eyes, blonde hair and all with attitudes like their ........ummmmmm.
Collin still remains our social chair and thinker.
Cora is very much our stable steady eddie with attitude. 2 bottom teeth
Carter is our patient laid back child. 2 bottom teeth and one on top - almost...........very much the engineer in the family.
Cameron as in utero will be our adventurous child with the 2 shinning bottom teeth. always curious and always enjoying more new adventures.
Everyone is drinking about 20 oz of formula. Enjoying grill cheese, butter & bread, Cheerios, noodles and scrambled eggs - in addition to 6 jars of #3 baby food. We have our 9 month doctor appointments next Friday 8/31. We are very anxious to see how much these monsters weigh. They are all fighting over prefered toys and binkies. We just watched Cora steal Carters binkie repeatedly. He would get it back then she would simply pull it out again. This went on for a good 3 minutes - this was a lot of fun til Cora took it and rolled away. Needless to say, Carter was NOT happy. Our children continue to amaze us.
No one is officially crawling yet, although they get where they need to go. Baby proofing is on my to do list very soon.

Collin is starting hockey & soccer next week.

Collin, Cora, Carter(middle), Cameron


MB said...

They are way too stinkin' cute!! What beautiful babies...

Laney said...

Those babes have the most gorgeous eyes!

Melissa Mullinax said...

They look like perfect little carbon copies of each other. How sweet they are. :)