Thursday, July 19, 2007

It is rare.............................

It is rare that i think about Chris and I's infertility road that we journey'd. It was long and when I stop and remember, it is painful, it is hurtful and it sadden's me to reflect on such a time where I thought I could not have the family that Chris & I sooooo desired.. Following our first eptopic at 25 years old, I will never forget the doctor having to ask Chris to take the "tube" cause it was so badly damaged and telling him that the other was in terribe condition and that we were limited to IVF to conceive. I came out of sugery and my husband (married a mere 6 months)had to tell me I was infertile.....

For those that don't know our journey, it was long one. We have lost 9 babies, 2 eptopics pregancies, 2 lap surgeries, 3 fresh ivf egg retrievals, 3 frozen cycles, 3 chemical pregnancies, 3 early misarriages, blah, blah blah. They ask me my surgery history now and I honestly don't remember them all.

We thought we would conclude our journey with, our PERFECT son and would grow our family by adoption. The drugs, the injections the emotions, the rollercoaster - it was time to move on. We went through our home study, portfolio's and all of the stacks of paperwork and concluded we would try one more time in tandum of adoption. What ever happened we would accept. We were sooo blessed with our one son, and knew we wanted more children, it became more about providing a home for our children (adopted or other) that we wanted a HOUSE FULL of love.

I have not paused in the last year to remember the road that brought me to this amazing house of love, 4 perfect children that are all so unique, so beautiful. I will remember to this day, when we had just put our 2 eggs in (very last attempt) as we drove to Wichita to meet with a birth mom that had just given birth to her 5 child in 3 years. We took her flowers and a card and nothing but love to offer. We were ready regardless of what was inside me.

Our history had been we were always successful with pregnancy - but they quickly ended around 7 weeks. Chris and I discussed the entire trip -"worst case" we have twins and adopt this beautiful baby girl and they would be "irish" twins and we would make it work. This mom decided a week later to parent, God bless her, I pray she and her children are ok and happy. Now, knowing what we know now, "worst case" would have been quads. Our trips and one beautiful baby girl.

We love our family and praise God for what he has given us. Who knows, maybe there will be another little Stephens one day...........ours or adopted...........we have a lot of love and I know that whatever life hands us, who we are, what we are are because of the choices we make on faith.

I borrowed this from a fellow triplet blog and wanted to share.

Post your story, I would love to hear more of you.
Much Love


Jennifer Mullinax said...

Thank you for sharing your story and for sharing that video clip. I'm still in's an amazing journey so many of us have been on...each one different. I used to pray away our infertility...but now that I am a mommy...I would keep our journey exactly the same....we learned so much along the a team Jared and I became closer....and in the end the day we became mommy and daddy and each day since has been a little sweeter...and the most important thing we've learned is not to take anything or anyone for granted!! You may have modivated me to sahre our story...we''l have to wait and see!! ~Jen

Carolyn said...

That was a sweet story. Thank you for sharing.
My road was 10 years of pure hell.
I am unexplained infert.
After being in denial I sought help and it went very fast. I became preg after my 2nd IUI w/ inj.
Then again 1st try 18 months later.
Then again 1st try 18 months later only this time with the trio!
I still think about the infertility all the time. The pain is still fresh. It is, in my head, some sort of life lesson for me. I haven't quite got the full lesson, but it is comming to me each day when I laugh with my 5 beautiful children.

3 at a Tyme said...

Thanks for posting this, I love that song and not to mention Kellie Coffey... I love her too.

The kids are looking so big and so cute! I love your pool. Thanks for all of the fun pictures and stories