Monday, July 30, 2007

Dear Gma & Gpa

Thank you sooo much for our Choo Choo wagon! IT is a perfect early birthday present. Everyone else had riden it but us. HOWEVER, today was our very FIRST ride in it and we did outstanding! 8 months 3 days old. YAHOO!!! Mommy buckeled us in and took us to the end of the street and to the opposite end too! We giggled at the winnie doggy and laughed as big brother rode his bike with us. It was perfect! Thank you again!!!! Love, Cami, Cora & Carter


Anonymous said...

Dear Cora, Cami, and Carter: Gpa and I are sooooooo happy that you like your Choo Choo train. And you are so big now to be able to sit in it and ride. We also think it is great that Collin can ride along beside you and make sure you are safe. He is such a good big brother. Isn't it fun to grow up?????

Love you all very much,
Gma and Gpa

thirtylittletoes said...

Such big kids...we can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks and we can take both choo-choos out for a ride. Keep those teeth coming and lets work on sleeping for mommy and daddy!
Love Tiffany