Thursday, June 21, 2007

Is that SIX babies? Nope, just the trio, in the mirror

Todays doctor appointments went great!

Carter Man - 15.3 oz/ 26" long
Cora girl - 15"/ 25.5" long
Cami Girl - 14" 12 oz / 25.5" long
Lets recap birth:
Cora - 4" 13 oz
Cami - 4" 10 oz
Carter - 4" 7 oz
Where did my little man go???? He is kickin' his sissies hineys! We are eating 15 - 22 oz per day + 2-4 jars of baby food per day. Our goal is to get them to 3 meals a day. no snacking (per doc) we'll see......... The doc is thrilled. everyone is on the charts ranging from 25% - 55% in their growth. They are AVERAGE!!! I never thought I would be sooooo thrilled. My 34.6 week preemies are catching up. WOW! Doc also was very pleased with their motor, vocabulary and other age revelent marker. God is great! How did we get soo blessed with 4 miraculous babies that are all so special?
For the memory book. Cora & carter cried - til the shots were out and held. Done. over, not any therapy needed. Cami though, deemed that the entire doctor's office, floor & building needed to know her presence until we where physically out of the building and loading into the car. Folks, she was pissed off.
Much love to all for all of the prayers and love!