Saturday, June 02, 2007


A Little Fun, A little sun, great company and yummy cocktails............whew. What a great trip!

Thank you Amy, MawMaw, Papa and Gma & Gpa for pitching in and helping to make it easier for Chris & I to get away. From School, TBall Ballgames, Hockey practice, night feedings, 20 diapers a day, 9 bottles a day and as many spoon feedings as someone could shovel....Not an easy task. Big thank you's to each of you!

It was great for Chris & I to get away, but it really was time to come home. I swear I will NEVER drink another Dos Equis in my LIFE! Had it been a little colder, probably could have choked it down, but man, our Miller lite NEVER tasted as good as it did yesterday! :-)

Nothing sweeter than 4 kiddos smiling ear to ear when they see you to warm your heart and know you are loved. The girls melted when the saw their daddy. Collin slept in our bed the night we got home (at 2:00 a.m.). I tried not to wake him and just couldn't help myself! These little eyes struggled to open and then the grin, a big hug and the best yet, "Mommy, where is daddy?" ! LOL, Then I get the "Mommy, I missed you oodles". OHHHHH, melt me!

I swear the kiddos have all grown 6". The trio did great while we were gone! The rolling everwhere, sleeping on their tummys and now blowing raspberries. Mostly blowing raspberries when food goes in their mouths. LOL

Their 6 month appt's are later this month (which is closer to 7 months) and thier pictures are next Friday. WOOHOO. Lots going on this month

Pictures of the back yard - to follow!

Promise to post Kid Pictures soon!


Melissa Mullinax said...

Look at you! Glad you had a great time! :D