Monday, June 25, 2007

Our adventure topped off with LOTS of pool time!

OK, so the zoo was ummmm, interesting and hot - did I mention HOT? However, following was a great picnic in the shade!

Cora, Cami & Carter enjoying their Zoo Trip too

Meet Penn, Elle & Kate................

Could they be any cuter???

Our Trip to the zoo

We made a statement for sure. We took a poll of most outlandish comments and Kurt won the prize. Some toothless wonder said, "Man, I bet you don't have a life". WHAT??? Anysho, here we are on our way!

Good times. . . .

What happens when you mix 2 triplet mommies and long time friends? GOOD Times!

Tiff & Kurt joined us for a fun filled weekend with the Meyers. 6 adults, 9 kids, 1 dog and several Miller Lites (and gin & tonics - NO olives Meyer)!!!

Chris & Collin checked out a T-bones game

Chris & collin went with his friend Rio to a TBones game! They had a very good time! Collin informed T-Bone that they were losing and reduced the poor guy to tears. Enjoyed snowcones, running the bases and rolling down the berm.....

Thursday, June 21, 2007


More monday ...................................... Homer says...........ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, more miller lite.

Is that SIX babies? Nope, just the trio, in the mirror

Todays doctor appointments went great!

Carter Man - 15.3 oz/ 26" long
Cora girl - 15"/ 25.5" long
Cami Girl - 14" 12 oz / 25.5" long
Lets recap birth:
Cora - 4" 13 oz
Cami - 4" 10 oz
Carter - 4" 7 oz
Where did my little man go???? He is kickin' his sissies hineys! We are eating 15 - 22 oz per day + 2-4 jars of baby food per day. Our goal is to get them to 3 meals a day. no snacking (per doc) we'll see......... The doc is thrilled. everyone is on the charts ranging from 25% - 55% in their growth. They are AVERAGE!!! I never thought I would be sooooo thrilled. My 34.6 week preemies are catching up. WOW! Doc also was very pleased with their motor, vocabulary and other age revelent marker. God is great! How did we get soo blessed with 4 miraculous babies that are all so special?
For the memory book. Cora & carter cried - til the shots were out and held. Done. over, not any therapy needed. Cami though, deemed that the entire doctor's office, floor & building needed to know her presence until we where physically out of the building and loading into the car. Folks, she was pissed off.
Much love to all for all of the prayers and love!

Our babies fit in ONE VEHICLE!!!

The happy dance is being done at the Stephens house!!! Thank God for my company and a Yukon that seats 7 (with 3 car seats). YAHOO!
P.s. LOOK AT THE GIRLS HEAD FLOWERS!!!! Thankyou GMA, they are mommas favorites!!! Unfortunately, Ms. cora's head is too big and it cuts off the blood circulation but momma didn't catch that until we were at the doctor and taking clothes off (can anyone say child services?) For the record, she was happy as a lark..... OOPS. sorry girlie - BUT, you look very cuteie patotie!

Monday, June 18, 2007

A Great Fathers Day!

We could not have asked for a better Fathers Day! We had family, friends & several dad's join us for the beautiful day by the pool. We had steaks, shrimp & potato's! YUM. Collin has not been out of the pool since water began fillin Thursday night. He was sooo tired Saturday night that he fell asleep at the dinner table at 5:30 and slept til 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning. He certainly woke up in a good mood and guess what....headed straight to the pool. '

Babies are continue to eat (a lot) and Carter is trying to throw his bottle away. Urgh. He wants it all by spoon! Anyone else have this happen? They are all three eating number 2's baby food and averaging 2-5 jars daily per baby. Doctor appointment is Thursday the 21st. Can't wait to see their height/weights!

Happy Fathers Day to all of you dads! Ihope everyone had an outstanding day!

Tball pictures this week, i promise!

Much love to all!

a few more!

Is it a bird? A Plane?

nope, just Collin chillin' (or flying) in the pool!

Pool time.................

Pool has Water!! LOVE THE BLUE!!!!!

My handsome man - Breakfast on Fathers Day

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Post a comment and let me know whatcha think!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday afternoon

Ok, here is a few more picutres (again NO lcd screen, just point and pray for aim!)

Cami & Carter enjoy their VERY FIRST biter bisquits! I totally forgot how messy they are!!!! Cami literally had juicy bisquit running out of the bottom of her swing! YUCK! Carter was covered too. Needless to say, bathtime a day early was in order!

Cora was sleeping but I got a great picture of her after bath time. LOOK at this baby blue eyes!!!

much love for a great week!

Here we are!

So, stinkin cute. Just before nap. Left to right - Carter, Cami & Cora

outside pictures

So, we can take pictures with the camera - just can't see what we are taking a picture of with the LCD screen broken. Got good aim! lol
here is a few pictures of the dirtwork and my beautiful Braken Brown Magnolia trees. Searched the city over for them and we have 2 in the ground. Darn it, may not have any water but I have to the be most beautiful trees ever!
Now, if only I had a finished pool to but my pots by......tick tock, patience? overrated.

Yes, we are alive!

I have been a terrible blogger!

We have been slaving away outside working on the pool, patio, garden, etc.. We have moved dirt for 3 days. Oh, my I have a new appreciation for physical labor! I have all of my annuals potted, finally and they look great! I would take a picture, but someone and I am not naming names dropped the digital camera and busted the LCD screen. I will say that this said person will be receiving a....guess what for Fathers Day? You right! A new digital camera! :-)

I have my garden planted and it is looking the best it has in 3 years! I'd take a picture, but -- no camera - no pictures!

The pool remains unfinished. I'll give you the highlights ---- NO PLASTER, NO WATER. Yep, that sums it up. Weather pending, we could have water in it by Friday which would be ideal since I am hosting 25 non-english speaking au-pairs in our back yard next Saturday. yikes. Any ideas how to entertain during a pool party with NO pool??? Good times. ideas? volunteers?

The babies are getting soooo big! they are loving "peek-a-boo" and laughing. I love it! Again, i would take a picture to post, but without that handy little camera it makes it difficult.

I am in Chicago wed, thurs & friday this week for our annual sales meeting. Great news, i am driving my new company car home - a Yukon! WAHOOO, our entire family will fit in one car and we won't have to drive 2 cars everywhere, t - ball, Hockey, out to eat, etc.....that will be SOOOOO nice! Not looking forward to the 8 hour drive, but it will be fantastic having a vehicle that we all fit in (and one that is FREE!) :-)

anywho, promise to do more posting in the coming couple of weeks.

Much Love!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Update on the back yard!

We leave town, and check it out! Patio is poured (it is stamped colored concrete) and when the wash it down on Monday it will look like flagstone (chocolates & beiges). Don't you LOVE the shape? I'll get some other pics from on the pool deck so you can see the size. Tile guys has to come back and clean up the edges and reattach the accent tiles on the step's - they fell off (oops). Fence guy is finished. Plaster on Thursday, Pool equipment set on Wednesday. RAIN pending, we could have water in the pool by the weekend. I am not holding my breath, but hey, anything is possible. The water will be cloudy for a couple of weeks until the salt generator can start running through the pool - guess that takes 10 days or so until we can actually start running the salt through the water. Exciting stuff! Hey, we are looking for someone to teach Collin 1 hour swim lessons this summer starting in the next couple of weeks in the pool. If you know anyone that is 16-20 years old, certified & a great swimmer, let us know!


A Little Fun, A little sun, great company and yummy cocktails............whew. What a great trip!

Thank you Amy, MawMaw, Papa and Gma & Gpa for pitching in and helping to make it easier for Chris & I to get away. From School, TBall Ballgames, Hockey practice, night feedings, 20 diapers a day, 9 bottles a day and as many spoon feedings as someone could shovel....Not an easy task. Big thank you's to each of you!

It was great for Chris & I to get away, but it really was time to come home. I swear I will NEVER drink another Dos Equis in my LIFE! Had it been a little colder, probably could have choked it down, but man, our Miller lite NEVER tasted as good as it did yesterday! :-)

Nothing sweeter than 4 kiddos smiling ear to ear when they see you to warm your heart and know you are loved. The girls melted when the saw their daddy. Collin slept in our bed the night we got home (at 2:00 a.m.). I tried not to wake him and just couldn't help myself! These little eyes struggled to open and then the grin, a big hug and the best yet, "Mommy, where is daddy?" ! LOL, Then I get the "Mommy, I missed you oodles". OHHHHH, melt me!

I swear the kiddos have all grown 6". The trio did great while we were gone! The rolling everwhere, sleeping on their tummys and now blowing raspberries. Mostly blowing raspberries when food goes in their mouths. LOL

Their 6 month appt's are later this month (which is closer to 7 months) and thier pictures are next Friday. WOOHOO. Lots going on this month

Pictures of the back yard - to follow!

Promise to post Kid Pictures soon!