Thursday, May 17, 2007

All we want for summer. . . .

Dear Gma & Gpa,

We asked mommy and daddy to buy us the choo choo wagon and they said not this year.
So........we put our heads together and decided to write you a letter to state our case.
We have been terribly good kids and are doing great eating our fruits & veggies. We are sleeping through the night and rolling over. We are also working hard on holding our rattles and standing tall on our legs.
Maybe you could consider an early birthday present. Can't wait to see you Saturday!
Extra hugs & kisses,
Cora, Cami & Carter


Anonymous said...

Clever, very clever!!!! And just where is this wagon train located?
Gpa wants to know what the power source is. We are excited to see you on Saturday too!!!!

Love, Gma and Gpa

The Stephens said...

Sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mommy & daddy don't know we posted this message, so you need to be very SNEEKY when you go to Apparently, they are discontinued and only available on the internet. At least that is what Step 2 said when Cami called them. As for the power source, another reason that mommy and daddy won't buy it, we were thinking (we are very good thinkers) that GPA could put a little generator or wind mill on it, but we are open to good engineer suggestions. Otherwise, we will simply look cute and sit in it.

thirtylittletoes said...

dear grandma and grandpa of Cora, Cami & Carter...this is Penn, Elle & Kate, we are friends of the triplets from Des Moines. We just got the Choo-choo train and WE LOVE IT. That is all we use to go places and mommmy& daddy love it too! It makes going out fun...we take it to the mall, Lowes, Target and we are soon to take it to the zoo! It would be the best present ever and I am sure they would let you use it when you take them on a walk!! By the way the delivery is so quick and these are only available for a limited time and used ones are outragously priced!! Good luck!

Penn, Elle & Kate

Anonymous said...

Dear Cora, Cami, and very quiet and Mommy and Daddy will be surprised!!!! Your EARLY birthday present is ordered and should arrive before very long. Gpa and I hope you love it as much as everyone else does and that you get a lot of use from it. I know that you will look really cute in it!!! See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Gma