Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gazebo, done.

Gazebo, done. Damn, my hubby is good!


to be continued

We are cookin'

Check us out! We are helping momma cook us some dinner.

"Mom, can I have some of those mashed potatoes?"

hey Cami...

Can I taste your green beans? I ate my 3 jars and licked my fingers clean... You got any left?

Hey, GMA & GPA...where is my "car"???

1st car of the choo choo is assembled!

How cute is our new choo choo wagon? SHHHH, the girls were sleeping when it arrived. Collin helped Carter and his daddy put our choo choo together

Coping making progress

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a quick reflection

It was one year ago this week that we found out that we were 7 weeks pregnant with triplets. Wow, the emotions, the tears, the unknown, anxiety and fear.

Flash Forward one year, the year has flown and how many blessings we have had. 4 perfect children, the smiles, laughs & love. God is Great!

much love,

Thursday, May 17, 2007

All we want for summer. . . .

Dear Gma & Gpa,

We asked mommy and daddy to buy us the choo choo wagon and they said not this year.
So........we put our heads together and decided to write you a letter to state our case.
We have been terribly good kids and are doing great eating our fruits & veggies. We are sleeping through the night and rolling over. We are also working hard on holding our rattles and standing tall on our legs.
Maybe you could consider an early birthday present. Can't wait to see you Saturday!
Extra hugs & kisses,
Cora, Cami & Carter

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day

Happy Belated Moms days to everyone! What a great day!

My morning started off with breakfast in bed from my hubby and collin. I was served Heart pancakes & bacon! Yum! I had made the mistake and gotten out of bed and Collin quickly hustled me back in! Soon, all three babies joined me with Full bellies (god bless Chris for that extra hour sleep!)
Presents galore began with a fun lounge chair for the pool (hand picked by Collin) and the babies so beautifully presented 3 spa services. Yummy, can't wait to use those!The best moms day present ever - Carter found his feet! The girls are still looking but Carter enjoys those 2 new toys he found! Everyone is rolling everwhere and talking up a storm.
We completed a great day of yardwork (which i LOVE!) with dinner at Gma's & Gpa's! Steak & baked potatos. Carter may have found a new favorite! :-)
Chris & I are offically 2 weeks from our 5 days in Cancun! Yahoo.
Off to Boston tomorrow!

tile closeup

there are dark blues highlighting the step edges

pool update

coping forms are in (edge around the pool). Tile is in. Some grading for the patio has begun.
The tile has turned out perfect. Wait for the coping forms to come off and you can see it! It is a deep blue and every 7th tile is a mosiac brown & blue. it is cool.
stay tuned!

Ms. Amy givin some love!

happy cora!

Collin scratchin some dirt with Jose.

watching some tv

little baby einstein time

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A meeting of the minds

Hey, look over there! You don't see it? How cool is that? I wonder if mom knows it is there? Anyone seen big brother? He has to see this!

If you can't beat the rain....Enjoy the rain!

Sometimes, you just can't wait for the weather to clear!
I know, how gross is that???
The boy takes after his momma! I swam in ponds growing up, i survived......

water feature - Rock

My rock for some splash!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Rain, Rain - go away!

Look at our concrete pond! It is perfect!
We were supposed to getting the beautiful tile today around the edge and stair highlights. Rock set for the waterfall, then a beautiful patio poured with some amazing landscapping then to complete the oasis - blue plaster and fill the pool.
Unfortunately, mother nature has other plans.
Lets just fill it like it is........our mess only continues to get messier!

Few fun pictures from this moring

Hey, she looks like me. . .

Yep, I am a cutie

Cora, Let me give you a kiss!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A little outdoor trip & our girls the thumb suckers

Cami was attached by a mosquito!

yup, another 3

A very dear friend just gave birth to 3 beautiful and healthy triplet boys! Way to go Ryan and Kim!!! Much Love & many congratulations!

check out how sweet they are!