Tuesday, October 31, 2006

2006 Pumpkin Patch & Carving of the "Great Pumpkin"

Collin's 4th Birthday Party

We hosted Collin's Party a tad early this year (for obvious reasons!) A few pictures!

31 weeks tomorrow!

Now, we are just getting greedy! 31 weeks tomorrow is a great place to be but 32 then 34 will be even better.

Most women carry 38-40 weeks a full term baby. My belly is measuring 44 weeks according to the doctors measurments! I promise to take a belly picture but just the thought of a shower and combing my hair exhausts me! :-) The Babies are doing great! Our non stress test came back great for the babies but mommy was having contactions every 2-3 minutes. We are taking Visteryl and Motrin every 3 hours to keep them under wraps.

Still going!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

30 weeks!!!!!!!!!

WE did it!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is 30 weeks! What a feat to have achieved and to still be walking and talking! I am barely breathing but oxygen is over rated...right? I will do a little dance - any more than that will exhaust me.

Still working full time - but from home and only have a couple appts outside the house per week. The whole shower and getting dressed takes a lot of effort and energy!

Doc appt upate:
Today, I did my glueclose test - will know the results tomorrow if I passed or failed. If I am lucky to have failed, I will have to go in and do a 3 hour test. We did a Non-Stress test -my first one and all 3 babies preformed. ME: Blood Pressure is good, Weight is good - up 34lbs, no swelling and overall feeling good.

While there, I had the doc check me because I feel my cerclage pulling - listen when I say - pulling of a stitch that was intended to hold things together - HURTS like Hell! Still only dialted to a fingertip but cervix is very soft.

30 week belly pic tomorrow!
Love to all!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Collin went Bowling!

Aunt Sigie, Zac, Nick & Emily came to visit Friday and Saturday. We took the kids to the bowling alley Friday night. It was Collin's first trip the "lanes". He had an absolute blast! I don't think Chris & I have every seen such shere joy. Every frame, the bumpers came up, he rolled his ball and although it seemed like the ball would never make it to the pins, he jumped hands above the head, the entire time until he knocked them down! EVERY FRAME!

Yes, we will Bowl again!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

3D Pics - 28w6d

Remember, you can click on the picture to make it larger.

Cora (Baby A) is the first picture. Because of the shadows and the cramped space it isn't the best picture but you can see her mouth wide open - yawning! Perhaps we were boring her!

Cameron (Baby B) is the middle picture. You can see 1 eye and her little hand is up by her side of her face - so sweet! Next to her on the right is someone elses limbs!

Carter (Baby C) is the bottom picture. They are all so cramped it is hard to get any good 3D images of them. You can see his face on the left of the picture and that is his foot up by his head!

They are getting Collin's chubby cheeks.

Please continue your prayers for these babies! We are doing terrific and pray for another 3-4 weeks! Yes, we are starting to get greedy!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

29week Doc Appt. & BELLY PIC!

Tomorrow marks 29 weeks! 29 weeks and still walking & talking (barely). I swear the next elderly lady that I find with oxygen - watch out, I may steal it! As you can tell by the pictures, the babies are growing for sure. Can my skin stretch any further?

I am measuring 41 weeks (full term with a singleton) - only gets bigger.

Waist measurment is: 46.5" and the weight gain to date is 34 pounds.

Doctor update from today; Cora is weighing 2lbs 13 oz; Cameron is weighing 2lbs 11 oz; and Carter is weighing 2lbs 12 oz. Their fluid is great. I am dilated to a 1 cm and have contractions on and off. We got some wonderful 3D pictures of each of them. I will scan them and post them tomorrow.

Last Thursday night we took a little trip to Labor & Delivery for contractions 8-10 minutes apart - the slowed and we got to come home.

Starting next week we will start going 2x's weekly to the doctor - every Tuesday & Friday. They will be doing nonstress testing on the babies to ensure they are still happy and not getting to stressed in there.

3D pics posted tomorrow!

Love to all!
All of us :-)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Collin's 4 year old pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See our handsome 4 year old pictures at:

I am plugging along. I can officially say that I am slowing down. I am tired, most of the time, if I am up to long, I begin contracting. I believe, God is sending me the note, that says .... SLOW DOWN! Wednesday we hit 28 weeks. . . . .This is a huge milestone!! I pray for 6 more weeks! It will be here way too soon. We go back to the doc a week from tomorrow and will have weight checks and gluclose test. any secrets on passing this lovely test?

Chris is making progress on the deck - I will get some pics posted soon. We are making some headway on getting the nursery completed and things lined up for when the babies arrive.

Winnie is doing well at school.

Collin is starting his new school 1/2 days on Monday for the week and then full time the week after.

Amy will arrive November 9th!

Love to all!

Friday, October 06, 2006

RSV Season - Please Read!

Well, it’s official. RSV season is upon us. Parents of preemie worst nightmare. Above is a link for you to read more of the nasty virus.

As we begin preparing for the birth of the babies, we wanted everyone to be aware of RSV and how it effects babies & especially preemie babies. Collin fought RSV his first year and we pray the trio won't have too. If you recall, Collin was a very sick young man and had numerous rounds of steriods & breathing treatments. He was a full term baby and as sick as he was, he was able to fight. Cora, Cameron & Carter will be low birth weight, have respiratory issues and considered highly suspetible to RSV. They would need to be hospitalized and would not have the strength to fight this nasty virus.

We are hopeful for the triplets to be home for Christmas, what a miracle that will be!!

Once we get the babies home, we ask that everyone be a little more conservative as we get through this season. If you have been around anyone who is ill or have children that have been sick ("just a cold" or stuffy nose" for older children is RSV for babies) - (10-14 days), we ask that you wait to come visit. We are hopeful that the babies will be approved for taking a precautionary shot for RSV. A home nurse would come to the house once a month to give the $1000.00 per shot to babies.

More to come later!

Love to all!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

27 week appt

Tomorrow is 27 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our doc appt today was very uneventful (which we like!)

Blood pressure good. Weight gain to date is 28 pounds. Babies are good. Cervix is good. My belly is measuring full term (if we had only one baby in there)! Grow babies grow!

We go back in 2 weeks and will do weight checks on the babies and then we will start going twice a week for nonstress tests on the babies until we deliver.

Tick, tock, day by day we are getting there. I am feeling so unbelievably blessed right now. To have 3 healthy babies growing inside of me, in one more week we hit 28 weeks and statically they say that the babies have a 90% of survival and no disabilities long term, too still be walking and functioning, a wonderful 4 year old, a husband who is the rock in our lives...God is great!

House update - Gary has his inspections on his house on thursday. That is the only "unknown" on his deal. If all goes well then we will close on the Lone Elm house October 25th.

Winnie left us on Sunday to go to School. It was hard for everyone to leave her. Me, ms. don't love dogs, even misses her rampaging through the house and attacking the neighbors. She will come home mid-november after she learns some manners & some hunting "rules". I made Chris take her Chiefs blanket and baby (elephant stuffed animal without, ears, eyes or tail - she ate them) but her trainer wouldn't let him leave them. I am sad that she is there and thinks we dumped her BUT, we will all look forward to a dog that listens a little better. :-)

Please continue to keep us all in your prayers!

Love to All
Chris, Kim, Collin, Cameron, Cora, Carter & Winnie (wow, now that is a housefull)