Sunday, November 26, 2006


Babies continue to grow. I continue stretch. The house continues to fill with 3 of everything...... we have a doc appt on Tuesday for growth ultrasound, NST test & office check....all things pending............4 days until our BIG day. I feel like crap, look like crap, but apparently, they love their hot tub. Guess what kiddos........the lease is up and we will be closed for renovations!

We are scheduled for Shawnee Mission Medical Center on Thursday, November 30th at 11:00 a.m. I should be released on Monday to come home and the babies within 7-10 days. Please continue your prayers for healthy, happy, amazing little ones and an uneventful C - Section. We look forward to seeing all of you very soon! A

A few Doctor reminders and rules............................All basic new baby rules apply (wash, wash, wash), but a few more precautions are needed with our preemies!!

Although, we have been blessed to carry 35 weeks (on Thursday), the babies will still be considered preemies their first 18 months and be very suseptible to germs and upper respiratory problems.

Also, remember it is RSV season and the RSV virus will put preemie babies in the hospital fighting for every breath. If you or my favorite kiddo's have been around anyone with a stuffy nose or other virus, please reconsider your visit for 7-10 days during this yucky RSV season. Lastly, if you are a smoker, this is highly dangerous to the babies premature lungs and we are asking that no one smoke during their visit. If you choose to smoke outside, we are asking that you change clothes upon returning inside.

Thanks and much love to all!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Doc appt today!

33w5d........................yep, all is great. Sono did a quick measurement scan.....

  • Cora - 5lb 10 oz
  • Cameron - 5lb 1 oz
  • Carter - 5lb 2 oz
  • (15 lbs of baby inside!)

Let the countdown begin! 8 days until our C Section at SMMC!
Love to all!

Monday, November 20, 2006

33w4d Belly Picture! continues to grow!!!

And the stockings were hung..............

So our family went from 3 stockings to 7 in 365 that a record??????????

Collin, Cameron, Cora, Carter, Amy, Dad & Mom!!!

Early Thanksgiving!

We celebrated an early Thanksgiving last weekend with our family! Amy's very first Thanksgiving!!!

Letter of the week "I"

Collin made Igloos this week at school! Apples, peanut butter & Marshmellows. YUM!

Then they got to eat them......................


Enjoy the view!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thai Resturant Experience...

We took Amy to an Authentic Thai place Wednesday night and she was in HEAVEN! She was able to talk in Thai with our server and of course Collin was facinated with that exchange. The food was spicy for sure but WONDERFUL!!! She taught us what the food we were eating was called in Thailand so we used that term and Collin thought that was fun to hear mommy & daddy talking funny. He was served a giant hurricane glass of orange juice with fresh fruit on top & a giant umbrella. too bad there wasn't any vodka for mommy!

Let the adventures continue!


Here we are. 33 and 1/2 weeks! Babies continue to thrive & do well. We go back on Tuesday for Ultrasound, NST testing & office visit. We will go to a doc appt on friday for a NST test and our final doctor appt will be November 28th where they will do a Ultrasound and measurements on the babies. We are praying for the babies to be around 4 1/2 pounds at birth. Our C Section is scheduled for November 30th at 11:00 a.m. at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. I will get to come home Monday, December 4th. The babies will probably have to be in the hospital 7-14 days.

Collin is doing outstanding in school. He is starting his 4th week at Maranatha Christian Academy. His teachers & the entire staff have been wonderful and very he is loves getting up to attend every day. They do structured school time until noon which includes working on a letter of the week, number of the week, craft, book reading/circle time and after is a 2 hour nap time, snack and recess/play time the balance of the day. Hockey lessons are going well.

Amy our Amazing AuPair has been with us for 1 full week. She is still adjusting but doing wonderful. She plays with Collin, and is a great help around the house. We have taken here to the grocery store (which she thought was fun!) , Collin's school, and Costco. We have also opened her banking, secured her social security card so driving is our next to tackle!! Tomorrow is a "cluster meeting" which is with all other AuPairs in Kansas City. She will get meet lots of ladies her age. Household appliances have been mastered - laundry washer & dryer, stove top & dish washer!!! As for cooking, she has mastered grill cheese, spaghetti, mac/cheese and the making of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches! I believe she is as anxious for the babies as we are!

Chris's progress on the deck continues. The decking is 90% complete and the gazebo joists & decking should be done today. Tomorrow he plans to start the railing. We are doing a combination of wood & wroght iron balisters.

Love to all. Thank you for your continued prayers & love. 12 days until we meet these beauties!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

33 weeks tomorrow!!!

Yes, we are very blessed. I am counting every blessing and every day until their arrival.

We had a doctor appointment, and sit back, there we go............. I am quote unquote the perfect patient. I DO NOT WANT THAT TITLE anymore. lets see............. Urine great, blood pressure great, babies fluid great, babies cord great, heart great. No leaking, cerclage is not budging., all measuring over 4 pounds - yes, I have almost 15 pounds of babies inside me............My nurse & doc are thrilled! I looked at them today and said OK, you get 10 days and then (looking at my nurse) said, you WILL find protein in my urine, and (looking at my doctor), you WILL find are large gaping hole in my cervix....they laughed and yet gave no sympathy...........oh, drum roll please, i am measuring 53 weeks pregnant. HELLO???? 53 weeks. The belly has it's own zip code. My belly comes in the room 10 minutes before I do. I am measuring 49" around - yes I am sporting a proud 4' circumerence
ok, enough, I have complained enough. My official date for c section is November 30th. 15 days. I can do 15 days....
33 weeks tomorrow.
grummy preggo

Monday, November 13, 2006

BELLY picture - 32w2d

Becoming increasingly large, cranky and did I mention large? I have surpassed circus act size and am currently looking for the phone number to Guiness Book of World Records.
I mean can it really get any larger? Holy crap! Reaching the point of ridiculous - I suppose 3 human beings really in there.
I am still contracting about 3-5 times per hour and taking Vistaril every 6 hours. Back to the doctor tomorrow.
Officially, they can come every day now. Wednesday marks 33 weeks. I would love to see 34 weeks, so, a prayer for 9 more days will go far!!!
Love & hugs!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

32 weeks tomorrow

We are blessed!

Today was a crazy long day! We preregistered at the hospital and toured the NICU. What an amazing experience to see all of those little ones. I recommend everyone to tour before the babies deliver as seeing preemies on the internet does not prepare you for the reality of how small and helpless some of these babies are!

We then went for our NST test and it went well! Then we had Growth Ultrasound...............drumroll please.................Cora is weighing 4lb8oz, Cameron is weighing 4lb2oz and Carter is weighing 4lb7oz. The doc is very impressed said even if a measurement or two was generous, we still have 4 lb babies in there! We are estatic! I was praying for 3.5lbs, we are feeling very blessed! After that we had a office good, blood pressure is good, weight gain to date is 41 pounds, minimal swelling.......and for fun she measured my belly ...... a whopping 48 weeks pregnant (if there was one) - that is hysterical.

Yes, when you look at me walking down the street, I officially look like the star of the circus show that has rolled into town!

We pick Amy up from the airport on Thursday night and are looking forward to her spending the year with us!

We are offically scheduled for C Section, November 27th at 12:00 noon. I will be 34w5d!

hugs & love to all!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Doctor went well today. All three babies preformed like rockstars! Passed their tests beautifully.

Winnie comes home from her month long training session.

We scheduled our C Section today! Monday, November 27th, I will be 34w5d and is the big birthday day for these beauties at SMMC (if we make it that long). Anything prior to the 27th will be an emergency c section at St. Lukes down on the plaza.

have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


You ask and ask and ask for timely belly pictures but unfortunately, it is difficult to simply get out of bed. OK, so I actually showered, put makeup on and combed my hair all in the same day. Mind you it took all day to achieve but here you go for all to see, the 48" round belly that is one that can be compared to Santa Claus.
My ankle bones can still be seen I am told, although I haven't seen them for months. We have a non stress test tomorrow at the doctor and then a growth scan on Tuesday afternoon. We are praying for 3.5 lb babies!!! Looking at the size of me, they better be at least 3 lb's each! :-)
I did get my hair cut & colored a few weeks ago - yep, blonde is gone for now - not sure there is going to be a lot of time to do highlights every 6 weeks. I havne't been my natural color for YEARS! No, I don't like it, but it is more about function than fashion these days!
Reality is beginning to set in, not only are we having three babies, there are three human beings inside me!
Thank you all for continued prayers & calls. We are within 25 days of seeing these beauties!