Wednesday, September 27, 2006

26 weeks - Belly Picture!

26 weeks! Another blessed wonderful week gone!

We are officially on the countdown. 8 more weeks! As long as things continue to progress well, we are looking to deliver the last week of November and pray for babies home for Christmas!

Belly is measuring 45"/Weight gain is 26 pounds/no swelling and feeling ok. My chief complaint is my back and trying to get enough oxygen to breathe. The babies are occuping so much room that my lungs can't fill 100% so it is tough to walk, talk, sleep, you get the picture. The other "little" problem has been that the babies are getting big enough that they are crushing important my blood vessels that takes blood & oxygen to my brain. If I sit, stand or lay too long in a single position, I begin to get light headed, sweaty and come close to passing out. It isn't as bad as it sounds, I just have to be much more careful these days!

Deck update - Posts are going in and ledger boards are going up. Chris is hopeful for the framing to be done this weekend...calling all Free Labor - no experience needed........

Collin is now actively looking for a new daycare. Ms. Brenda has announced that they are moving to the ocean. We are very sad but so blessed that we found her when we did. Collin has enjoyed his 3 years with her and we have enjoyed her being part of our family as well. She will be missed.

We go tomorrow to look at a new preschool here in Desoto. Ms. Kim has 6 children and 4 of them are 4 year old boys. She has a wonderful program and is breaking ground on her new building in July. Cross your fingers!

House Saga update...........drum roll please................................Gary sold his house. He closes 10/25 am and we close with Gary on our lone elm home 10/25 pm. Both Chris & I are feeling much relief and less stress as the owning of 2 homes is NOT as glamerous as it sounds!

Now, if I can just get Christmas bought and my tree up.............volunteers? anyone?

Love to all. Thank you for all of your prayers as they have certainly been answered with another week behind us.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Updated Sono Pictures - 24w6d

Here is updated pictures of the Stephens Trio! Cora (head on the right) & Cameron (head on the left) finally gave us a good profile shots. Carter is a little harder to make out - his head is on the right side looking at you. If you follow the head down you see an eye and a giant chipmunk cheek! He was practicing swallowing and his sucking skills and this picture shows how big his cheeks are.

Remember, you can click on the picture to make it larger!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

25 week UPDATE

Babies are great!

Everyone is measuring great, fluids are great, cervix is great. I don't go back for 2 weeks.
Baby A - 1lb 14 oz - Cora is now in the middle. Head down and feet in my ribs
Baby B - 1lb 11 oz - Cameron is now on the left and her head is up and feet down
Baby C - 1lb 13 oz - Carter is now on the right side and he is head down feet in my ribs
*Yes, that means cameron's head is in between 4 feet - that can't feel good.
*Carter was sucking - he has giant chipmunk cheeks
*I'll post their sono pics tomorrow

We hit 25 weeks tomorrow
Weight gain is 24 pounds total
Waist is a sporty 44"!!!!

Keep those prayers coming!! We are offically on the count down. 9 more weeks!
Thank you all for your continued prayers & love.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


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24w4d Belly PIcture

OK, here it is....24w4d belly picture!!!

24 pounds weight gained (supposed to be at 35 pounds but slowly making some progress).

Belly Measurement is 44 inches.

Doctor appt. Tuesday for weight scan and baby checks. Pray for a good report! We are hoping to have 1.5 pound babies!!

Amy from Thailand called this morning! Her Visa is approved, she is headed to the USA! CONGRATULATIONS AMY! She wanted to say hi to Collin and they chatted a little. After we hung up, Collin wanted to know why she "sounded funny", so we talked about her being from Thailand and that she speaks an entire different language. We went and bought a Thai book to show Collin where in the world she lives. We also talked about Amy teaching us lots of new things, new food and some new words while she is here! It was very CUTE!

Love to all!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ice Hockey - Tuesday Nights

Collin had his 2nd hockey lesson tonight! Ms. Raquel is a VERY patient teacher.

Our little man is getting it!

Diggin Holes

Hole diggin' in progress!

Let ME do it!!!

Move out of the way, Gary & I TOTALLY have this undercontrol!!!

Thanks Dogger for coming over and helping Dad & I dig holes!

Deck Drama!


24 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe that tomorrow is 24 weeks???

I made a surprise trip to the doc this morning. Woke up with tons of pressure, a few contractions and lower back pain. We checked things out and........................all is well. The babies are great - Carter had his feet up by his head and was playing with his toes. Cora & Cameron were as usual kicking each other. My cervix looked great at 3.5, cerclage looked good too. They even swabbed my cervix to test for some hormone that can generally tell them if my body plans to deliver in the next 2 weeks - it too was negative....glad we went. The trio are terrific.

We go back to the doctor next Tuesday and they will do a growth scan. This will tell us approximate weights of the babies. I'll post a belly picture tomorrow when we are officially 24 weeks.

Love to all.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I seem to be having techology difficulties........I'm not sure why my entry isn't showing up below!!!

Amy is our new AuPair all the way from Thailand! Her picture is below and she joins us November 9th!!! Everyone brush up on your Thai cooking and sign up now to teach Amy how to drive in USA!

Please join us in welcoming her to our home as she will spend a year with us!

Amy, we are SUPER excited for you to get here!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Our new addition

We are very happy to welcome the Newest Addition to our Family.

Amy joins us November 9th!!!
visit from
Please join us in making her feel welcome and loved during her year long Thailand

Thursday, September 07, 2006


ok, belly picture! 23 weeks!!! Weight gain 23 pounds, Waist measurement 43", can't get a good breath, but doing great. I have a dinner tonight at Cheeseburger in Paradise with other Triplet mommies, oh, the stories , I can't wait!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Put me in coach!

Collin had his first Hockey/Learn to ice skate lesson last night!

He was a little nervous at first but had a terrific teacher that gave him small goals. When he met his goals then he got to "go fast" as she skated him around the rink. IT was COLD but Collin had a ball. By the end of the lessen he could fall down with grace and get himself back up without any help. He made it across the rink and back by the end of his lesson by "marching". He asked to stay after his class to watch the big boys play hockey. He was facinated with all of their "gear" and how fast they skated. He asked to go back next week so we will see how he does!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Tomorrow is 23 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

woohoo! We just finished at the doctor and all went well! The babies looked great. The sono tech even took a little 3D images of the babies. THERE ARE REALLY BABIES in there!! :-) They were too sweet (still tiny) but looking very sweet! It was incredible seeing in real time the arms, legs, ears, noses --- that is a lot of body parts. It gives 30 fingers & 30 toes a new meaning. Me, blood pressure is great and I've gained 21 pounds, cervix (with cerclage) is still 3.2 ---- all in all, everything is good! Belly picture tomorrow!

Please keep your prayers coming, 5 weeks gives us good viable babies, 9 weeks gives us great babies!! The longer the better - every day inside is 2 less outside in the NICU. We go back on 9/19 and will do growth scans on the babies. It will tell us approximately how much the babies are weighing.

Collin is going great. Is is off to a field trip today to the Apple Orchard in Westin. He said he was bringing mommy home an apple (with a worm)! :-)

Thank you all for your calls, love and support!