Friday, August 25, 2006


We hired our Aupair this week!!! We are sooo excited.

Amy is 22 from Thailand and will be coming to the US on November 6th. She will fly into Kansas City the evening of November 9th!!! We have gotten to email many times and Chris & I spoke to her night before last. She is educated, ambitious, responsible and wonderful!! We may need each of you to take a driving lesson with her, but she will learn! I'll ask her for a picture so we can post her picture her.

Happy Day!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nursery Pictures

Work in Progress!


Belly Picture!!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Level 2 - 21 weeks

Today was a terrific day!

Blood pressure good, gained 18 pounds total and cerclage is holdin up!

Cora is 15, Cameron is 14 & Carter is 15 ounces (they are neck and neck with each other) and no sign of the girls having TTTS yet. The doc was very happy with their size - They all looked great. The girls were kicking the crap out of each other!! Carter wants nothhing to do with the girls so he has wormed himself up into my lungs and I can barely breathe!

I have activity back - need to rest for 3 hours daily and just all over start slowing down. Doc wants me to work from home vs. going to the office every day. that is easy enough and can do!
We talked to Peri and she wants us to stay on Heparin until 24 weeks and then talk about it again!

Aupair search is going well. I think that we are close to making our selection! We wil talk to her in a couple days and make our final selection! Our only worry is driving, but she is very eager to learn and very mature.

Collin is having his friend Cara over tonight. They are both bathing (or it sounds like they are bathing) and having a ball!!

Please keep those prayers coming! 8 more, 10 more , 12 more , weeks would be OUTSTANDING!!!!!

Love to you and your families!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I am feeling pretty good! I hate not having reign of what I do, but it is a small price! The babies are moving a lot which as been pretty cool. Collin got to feel the girls move last night which he thought was pretty amazing. "what was that", it was the babies and all he could do was giggle. We go back Tuesday to the Peri and hope to see and get good news. We should also get measurements of the babies to see about how much they are weighing. They should be just under 1 pound each. Pray for big babies and Pray for 10 more weeks - minimum!

Chris is trying to wrap up the nursery by hanging some shelves today. We are hopeful to get Carters bedding on his bed and some shower goodies put away. Chris had Phil come over yesterday and help him move the loveseat up to the landing and we re arranged the living room to make more room for "gear". Figured we will need a pack n play and changing station on the main floor. I went upstairs last night and ended up panting like a dog. I guess the joys of having three babies shoving my lungs higher & higher in my chest!!

We are hoping to have the aupair interviewed, chosen & hired in the coming 4-6 weeks!
love to all!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Cerclage went well yesterday! I had a spinal and it was realtively an easy procedure. I didn't feel anything and got to recover all day up on the L&D floor. I am on motrin every 6 hours and an antibiotic every 8 hours. I am crampy but really feel good. Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers yesterday. Oh, we go tto see the babies before sonogram & after sonogram. It was reassuring to see them. I had to stop my heparin shots for 24 hours, i hope that is ok but i started them again this morning.

Promise a belly shot this weekend!

Anxiously awaiting the sono on Tuesday to see the beauties!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Level 2 - 20 weeks

We went for Level 2 sono (tomorrow is 20 weeks) and the good news is the babies look great! However, my cervix just laying there was 4 cm which is very good news, however, when she put pressure on it, it funneled to less than 2.5 cm......she said the pressure she put on it was equilivent to me standing for an, tomorrow morning I go in for an emergency cerclage. They will do bloodwork & sonogram then a spinal block and I will have surgery. I will be done around 10:00 and will have to be monitored the balance of the day in room recovering at St. Lukes.

I will be put on strict bed rest for 1 week (pee & shower only) and she will reevaluate things next week.

Please pray for these babies. We need at least 10 more weeks.

Love to all!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Level II sonogram

Baby a is a great profile shot, baby b is looking right at you and baby C is another grea profile shot!

As went through each baby and each organ Collin was facinated (at least for the first hour). When we go to the bladder it was ver full and the lady said, oh, she is going to need to potty soon.

Collin sat quietly and then stated: Mommy, the babies pee pee in your tummy? and then thought a little longer and stated: Mommy why don't they have diapers on?

Should have had the video camera!!!

Love to all!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


We just got back from our Level II sonogram.

All three babies, are doing great. No birth defects, all major organs look great and they are measuring well.

I am 17w6d today and the girls are measuring 17w6d and the boy is measuring 18w3d. One of the girls weigh 7 oz, the other 8 oz and the boy (he is the singleton) is measuring 9 oz. Progress.

Cervix is measuring 3.8 cm and so far - still long & closed. I can travel for 2 more weeks and I need to lay flat for a couple hours throughout the day in addition to a good night sleep. I am struggling to put the pounds on, I have only gained 10 pounds. I gotta get that up!

I will post the babies pictures tomorrow!

Hugs to all!